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When playing Outriders you have likely noticed underneath your character bar there is another named “world tier” this is effectively what outriders difficulty slider is. You earn world tiers the same way you would earn XP by completing side missions, killing bad guys, and completing main story missions. After earning a new world tier enemies’ health, damage and loot drops all increase effectively making Outriders a more difficult game. The dev team decided to use this system instead of the usual easy, medium, and hard options other games tend to use, incentivizing players to try out harder difficulties to gain better loot. I would suggest coming to terms with how this system works to improve your time on Enoch and by purchasing our World tier boost will put you in direct booster who understands this system inside and out, guide you through it and increase it for you making your game time on Enoch much more favourable in terms of loot and enjoyment! The bad news is that during your time dying in Outriders will not only hinder but punish your progress if you find yourself failing repeatedly. If you die in an encounter you’ll lose progress on your World Tier bar, meaning that if you lose consecutively, you’ll see your bar begin to dwindle. This can become a problem on particularly hard encounters you can’t seem to beat. The one great thing here though is that once you have unlocked a World Tier, you can’t lose it. The current world tier cap is 15 but may be increased in the future as its tied to weapon level and each time you progress in to a new world tier you are rewarded with many different items for example: Legendary weapons, materials, superior weapons and other small things you can use!

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