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Outriders is a first-person looter shooter with an enormous loot pool and enemies to fight. The game begins with players arriving from a post-apocalyptic Earth to a new Earth-like planet called Enoch. You as the player arrive there and begin your journey. During your boost for Outriders Campaign boost, you will receive the following; any materials that drop such as, Iron, Leather, Titanium, and legendary weapons. You will also see your character level progress from 1 to around the 20+ mark as the campaign itself will award an awesome amount of experience! If you have already begun your Outriders story then you may also choose a story point from where you would like to begin and also where you would like for your booster to stop allowing you to skip any boring missions and allow yourself to experience the ones of your choosing. Choosing this boost will allow you to skip the hassle of having to create and progress different characters and also give them a significant boost on levelling allowing you to just enjoy the end game and theory crafting of a new character! After the prologue, the story begins with you, the outrider in cryostasis 31 years later where you begin to find out that Enoch isn’t the way you left it. It is now completely war-torn and you find the player character is actually what the game refers to as an “Altered” and dependant on the class you choose to play gives you certain special abilities such as the following, Pyromancer is a fire specialist, Trickster has the ability to manipulate space and time, Devastator which can unleash seismic attacks and Technomancer which is a gadget specialist. These characters have special skills that have a short cool-down time and can be combined with other skills and perks.

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