Eye of The Storm Boosting

After reaching challenge tier 15 in Outriders you will unlock the final challenge called “Eye of the storm”. First, let me explain what expeditions are. Expeditions are challenges that pit you against the fiercest and most brutal adversaries Enoch has to offer and also the best loot that the Outrider’s game has to offer. These missions are what is referred to as the End game content. They are on a basic level increasingly harder campaign missions which are significantly longer. Although to earn the best rewards through these expeditions you will have to earn the gold tier which is to master the expeditions and your personal character as you will need some of the best builds in the game if you wish to progress through these expeditions. They are also made and developed with teams in mind so going up against them as a solo player is increasingly more challenging. Purchasing an Eye of the Storm boost will likely reward you with an abundance of new weapons and armour and the higher the challenge tier the more likely you are to receive the elusive legendary weapons which include the tier 3 mods which are the best mods currently in the game. Currently, there is 15 challenge tiers available for you to master and progress through which increase in difficulty and rewards the further you progress up in them. Disclaimer, challenge tiers are entirely different from world tiers. We also guarantee you will receive a gold rated rating at the end of each clear. The faster you clear a mission, the richer the rewards. Individual enemies do not drop loot on the ground though, but instead, it is all received at the end of the expedition if you complete it. Eye of the storm awaits in the final challenge Outriders has!

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