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Outriders is a first-person looter shooter with an enormous loot pool and enemies to fight. The game also has many different currencies and materials which you will have to farm and acquire an abundance of if you wish to have your character be the best it can possibly be. Before you are able to begin modifying every weapon and armour possible, it’s pertinent to outline what the crafting materials are, and how they are used, and the best way to obtain them. There are multiple crafting currencies: scraps, leather, iron, shards, titanium, and drop pod materials, you will require all of these during your time on Enoch. Some of these currencies are harder to obtain than others but the easier to obtain ones will require you to have large amounts if you wish to progress in Outriders. Titanium and drop pod resources are some of the most valuable materials to obtain in outriders as they allow you to purchase Legendary weapons and level them up to the highest possible level they can be. Scraps can be gained from completing missions and selling equipment to vendors found sporadically around maps these can be used to purchase weapons and armour from vendors which can allow you to find the piece that will help create that build you’ve been grinding to make! Leather is gained from killing creatures and Ingots can be mined from specific spots within maps, with multiple locations if you have the time to explore. Leather and ingots can also be gained by deleting weapons but the boosters won’t delete any of your personal favourite weapons or current armor pieces. All of these materials can help you with min-maxing any of your chosen characters! If you choose to purchase material boost our boosters will efficiently farm these for you!

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