Legendary Weapons Boosting

If you’ve been having a hard time trying to gun down enemies in Outriders then you may be wondering how to get your hands on of these highly looked for powerful legendary weapons. As they are currently the highest rarity of items currently in the Outriders game due to their immense power and Tier 3 mods which are currently making or breaking a lot of players build due to the nature of their immense power that they obtain. Outriders gear is dropped from enemies, found in chests, quest rewards, or purchased from vendors or awarded at the expeditions, and the higher the challenge tier expedition the higher the chance to receive one of these as a reward as they are the most difficult content that the game itself has to offer. Tier 15 is currently the most reliable place to get a legendary weapon or armour piece dropped as it offers a 25% chance to drop on a gold tier rated completion leaving 75% of the loot to drop being epic in rarity. Each piece of gear in Outriders has its own level, and one of five rarities: common, unusual, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the rarity the bigger bonus the guns have on them providing extra benefits to the player such as extra crit damage, extra firepower, armour piercing, or increased health. Legendary gear comes both in the form of weapons and class specific armour. You can also equip more than one Legendary weapon or armour at a time. If you wear multiple pieces of Legendary armour in a set, you will receive a super-charged passive ability called a “set bonus” which you can only acquire through gear matching. Like other gear, you can boost weak Legendaries which have dropped earlier in the game to your current level.

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