Dead Man's Tale Boost

Must be of 1230+ Power Level
Must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign

Destiny 2’s new season, the Season of the Chosen, brought a ton of surprises, and just as everything was starting to settle down, Bungie pulled another card from its sleeve in the form of the all-new Dead Man’s Tale exotic. The Dead Man’s Tale is a 120 RPM scout rifle with a random roll, exclusive to the season owners. It’s a Kinetic weapon with a 14-round magazine, making it unique to Destiny 2. Similar to the weapon itself, the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Quest is also unique compared to other Exotic Quests.



Dead Man's Tale Boosting

The Exotic quest for the weapon requires you to jump into The Arms Dealer Strike, one of the remaining Strikes from the Red War campaign. Upon clearing the first room in the strike, the twist is instead of progressing to the next room immediately, you need to wait, and after a while, a door to your right will open, taking you to a whole new area. In there, after killing the Than’Grot and some turrets, you will find the Distress Signal in a crate on the final landing platform. Once you’re back in orbit, head back to the Tower and talk to Zavala. He’ll send you on a quest to investigate the ship, which is the only hurdle between you and the exotic; after completing the quest, you will get Dead Man’s Tale’s base form.

Dead Man's Tale carry


Furthermore, completing the quest again will drop yet another Dead Man’s Tale, but this time with a random roll; you get one random roll per week or account instead of one roll per character. The exotic part found on this weapon is the Cranial Spike, which grants bonus damage and quicker reloads upon landing chain precision hits. It also comes with an exotic catalyst, which is yet unknown; the only speculation is that there will be a master version of this quest completing which will drop the exotic catalyst in the near future.


You’ll be in a small maze here. Walk forward along the only path, exploring the rooms locked behind the destructible vents. At the end of the path, you’ll find a vent that lets you explore the ship further. Enter it and proceed. Continue to follow the path until you reach the other side of that first big door. Pull the lever and give yourself a shortcut back.

This room looks more involved but is quite simple. Push forward until you reach a spore door and its nearby lever. Pull the lever to open a door mid-way between the end spore door and where you started. Return to the start of the room. Shoot the spore and then go to the mid-way room. Before your buff drops off, shoot the mid-way spores to refresh it. Make your way to the end of the room spore door and make your exit.

There are two floors in this room, the upper floor and the boiler room below. The boiler room is too hot to get to at the start, so you’ll need to cool it down. Clear the enemies on the first floor and start looking for the levers. The first two switches are easy, they’re across from each other in the main area. The third one is a bit more difficult. There’s one hot room on the upper floor, and you’ll burn whenever you’re in there. Wait until you have full health and run in to pull the switch. You want to do this one last, as the heat will turn off as soon as you’ve pulled the switch.

With all three switches flipped, drop down to the boiler room. Use whatever weapons you have to attack the Locus of Communion. If things get too hairy, jump back up to the upper floor. Once you’ve dropped the boss’ health to two-thirds, the boiler will heat back up. Head back upstairs and repeat this process until you’ve killed the boss.

With the Locus of Communion dead, exit the room and discover what remains of the Guardian. Interact with them and head back to Zavala to pick up your Exotic scout rifle.

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