Pyromancer Build Boosting

The Pyromancer is one of the four main classes in Outriders, so my question is…. are you looking to start Pyromancer or looking at what build you should look to make for your current Pyromancer? Then this service is for you! Our professional Outriders boosters will log in and create a build with the items you currently have. Then they will go ahead and complete 22 runs of your highest challenge tier expeditions, these expeditions can drop legendary items and superior items at your highest possible level. Our boosters will also aim to create the build you would like to achieve. We will help you with your skill tree and where to use your skill points and the best possible way to use them. Our boosters know how to make the best builds anywhere from DPS, Anomaly, Survive-ability, and anything else you could possibly imagine asking for! These builds that we will create for you will help you get through the higher challenge tiers and also help you begin farming for those amazing legendary weapons and armour yourselves! The Pyromancer’s many different skills deal damage to many enemies at once, inflicting Burn and Ash to anyone around them this makes them incredible during close-range combats and huge crowds of enemies, and with their increased Anomaly power they can really cause a lot of damage to the enemies which would make you a really powerful teammate or solo player! Pyromancer’s struggle in the mid to long ranges which we can help create a build to mitigate that! Many players are recently discovering the character’s power as they begin to solo challenge tier 15 to gain some of the best loot in the game via the hardest challenge the game has to offer which is the expeditions and Eye of the storm.

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