Season of the Haunted is here and with it a brand new Trials season! Season 17 brings a whole new armour set to the Trials of Osiris usually, the Endgame PVP mode brings armour with Egyptian inspired golden armour but this time it seems Bungie has broadened their horizons and given us more Animal themed golden armour. For example the hunters this year have a monkey themed helmet and the Warlocks seem to have some kind of winged animal for their helmet. Bungie also announced two brand new weapons coming within the mode, one being a sidearm called The Forgiveness which can roll with the brand new perk known as well rounded and can also roll with the returning perk air assault which could be an absolute must have with the new airborne changes Bungie has added to the crucible. The other Trials weapon being added in the Season of the Haunted is called Burden of Guilt which is an adaptive fusion rifle which can also get some interesting rolls. Both of these weapons also have an adept version which is rewarded via going to the lighthouse with a flawless Trials of Osiris card and opening the chest, allowing you to equip your adept mods enhancing the weapon’s capabilities.


What are the Trials of Osiris in D2?

Home to all things PvP, the Trials of Osiris is one of D2’s most important event. As always, the trials pit players against one another in fast-paced gameplay that rewards them for winning.


The minimum light level requirement changes from season to season, please meet the minimum required light displayed in game, if unsure please reach out and message website chat! 

Light Level 1260 minimum

Decent Weapons and Gea

Trials Of Osiris Boost and carries

D2 reveals the new season for all those who are worthy of the mighty reward. Perfect up your team and scavenge the highest reward. This PvP session is endowed with the toughest challenges. And the result is only for those who are flawless. Well, the ambitious D2 players love to be at the top and enjoy the realm of supreme kits. But it is not so easy to be at the top. It takes a lot of effort and some superb gears to go Trials of Osiris – Flawless. And all of this results in a high esteem glory that is hard to diminish.

Trials Of Osiris Boosting

A new season from D2, brings a chance to the gamers to unlock the rewards by qualifying Trials of Osiris – Flawless. As said, it is never that easy. Especially when you have to play against human opponents. The human opponents are clever, program less, and full of ambition. Beating the tricks of a computer may be easier if the programming is set at an easy level. But when confronting a human opponent, the gears and technique should be the finest. Well, that puts the entire season in jeopardy when you are out of gear and techniques. Every match in Trials of Osiris carry comprises of two teams with 3 players each. And of course, every team should have the requisite skills to compete with the other one. Further, the Trials of Osiris – Flawless take place every weekend between Friday and Tuesday. And it will continue throughout the season.


Trials Of Osiris Carry

That is fairly true that getting flawless is not easy. This is a team competition. And when your team is not of the caliber to match the opponents, you will never stand a chance to be the lucky one. Like said, it takes techniques and gears. It is not all about the perks you add in your guardian. You also need to master the techniques to use those perks. Indeed, the entire focus is on the techniques you use. As the perks can limit the damage to a certain level. But after that, it is all you who have to dwell on the mighty reward. Well, it is sure that you understand what does getting flawless means. In Season of Worthy, you have to be at the winning streak and maintain a 7-0 score to qualify the trials.

In the second year of D2, a new player against player activity known as Gambit was introduced. In this activity, two teams of four compete against each other to kill computer-controlled enemies belonging to one of the game’s several factions or races (Cabal, Fallen, Hive, Vex, or the new Forsaken Scorn), collect their motes, and then deposit them in a bank. There is a limit of 15 motes that may be held at one time, and there will be a blocker of a different size on each side for every five motes that are retained. Taken Vex Goblins will spawn as a tiny blocker when you have 5 motes, Taken Fallen Captains will spawn when you have 10 motes, and Taken Hive Ogres will spawn when you have 15 motes. At certain stages in the game, an invasion portal will appear, allowing a player on one side to cross over to the other team and compete against its members in an effort to steal their motes. When a team has accumulated a total of 75 motes, the boss will show up, and the winner of that particular round will be determined by whatever team defeated the monster first. There will be three rounds, and the player with the most points at the end will win. During the events that took place during Season of the Drifter, a new version of Gambit known as “Gambit Prime” was introduced. The basic premise has not changed, however the number of motes needed to spawn the monster has increased to 100. When there are many blockers on the field, the team bank will begin draining, which will contribute to the overall mote count of the opposing team, and the level advantage will become active


Trials Of Osiris Carries

Pickup the bounty from Saint 14 to speed up the Obelisk level increment. Well, if you have played the Season of the Dawn you must have rescued Saint-14. That same Saint-14 has something special for you. Go the Saint-14 and talk to him. You will find him in the tower hangar. Pick up a quest from Saint-14 and begin playing. Complete eight Vanguards, which can be the Gambit bounties or Crucible. Well, make sure that the bounties you collect are not from the same activity. Just mix them all.

After you have collected the bounties, return to Saint-14. He will ask you to put the book (bounties) near his ship. His ship means a glowing area that you will find behind Saint-14. Interact with that glowing area and put the book. In response, the saint will four bounties that you can collect daily. And each of those 4 bounties has 50 Polarized Fractaline.

Trials Of Osiris paid services

Do not leave the passages resting. Instead, make use of the proper passage for Trials of Osiris – Flawless. There are five passages available to buy. And not to forget, the passage replaces the boons. Further, two of the passages are available at all times. The first, and very crucial, the Mercy passage. It removes a lost match from your run. Use it to ensure a flawless trial. The next is Ferocity, which grants an additional win to your team when you consecutive will three matches. Ahead of that, five wins unlock the Wealth passage. This passage increases the tokens earned from winning matches and upon completion. Additionally upon winning 7 games, the Wisdom and Confidence passages are unlocked. The Wisdom passage offers additional bonus XP. And the confidence passage brings a reward from the flawless chest.

The original game’s Trials of Osiris were changed to become the current game’s Trials of the Nine. Trials of the Nine, much like its predecessor, Trials of Osiris, starts on Fridays and continues until the weekly reset on Tuesdays. However, the gameplay for this new iteration of Trials has been altered; instead of utilizing the Elimination mode that was included in the previous iteration, Trials of the Nine now utilizes one of D2’s two new game modes, either Countdown or Survival, on a weekly basis. Although there is just one map available during all four days of the Trials event, that map will change every week. In contrast to Trials of Osiris, players of Trials of the Nine may obtain entry to the game’s social area, which is named The Spire and is situated in an unspecified part of the universe, by finishing a match of Trials and accumulating Trials tokens. There, players will have the opportunity to encounter a non-player character known as the Emissary of the Nine, who will trade items for tokens. If you win three, five, or seven games on the scorecard, respectively, you will be granted entry to the higher levels of the social area, which provide more valuable prizes at each level. Obtaining a perfect record of seven victories is required to get access to a premium section that offers additional benefits. The scorecard starts again after three defeats. In order to get entry to the Trials of the Nine, players need to have a Power level of at least 260, in addition to having finished the campaign and reached the “Call to Arms” milestone for Lord Shaxx. [17][18]

Trials Of Osiris recovery

Play to your strengths. The strengths are not hidden at all. But they are concealed over by your imagination. You know the abilities of your guardian. So simply maximize the scores by capitalizing on your gaming skills for Trials of Osiris – Flawless boost. Keeping your team alive is crucial. But it is not impossible. That is the main target of this game. Adopt a strategy that can save your team from the snipers and take the game ahead to the fight. The better you keep yourself away from the scopes of the snipers, the maximum you can save your strengths. The best way is to communicate. Discuss the roles with your teams, along with the strength of each role. And put each role into the trial as per their capabilities. It is all about the plan. Like said, it is the technique that you need to show.

The Crucible, much like its predecessor, features player-versus-player combat, with Lord Shaxx returning in his role as the Crucible’s “Handler” non-player character. The first iteration of Crucible included three different game modes: six-versus-six, three-versus-three, and a two-versus-two variant that was available for a brief period only. As Bungie moved their attention to smaller teams for competitive multiplayer and better map design, all game modes were initially set to be four-versus-four when the game was first released; however, over time, Quickplay modes were changed to be six-versus-six. In all Crucible game types, player attributes like their weapon power and defense are matched amongst players, just as they were in the original. The heads-up display (HUD) inside the game has been upgraded to let players know whether an adversary has their supercharged or has power ammunition. At this time, players have the option to select from four revolving playlists, rumble (a six-player Free-for-All game mode), survival and freelance survival (a version of survival in which players cannot choose the teammates on their team), classic mix, and private matches. Players can also choose to play in private matches.

Know the MAP:

Know the map, as it enables the guardians to look for the vantage points. The map is an essential tract of planning and strategy. Strategy formation becomes easier if you are aware of the map. Since it is all about stealth and precision. You need to be sure where to hide and where to fight. Hiding from the snipers is quite essential. Otherwise, they can eliminate you before you have begun. Indeed that is the loss of the entire game. Because the loss of one player means your team is left with 2 players to combat 3. And that is significantly difficult.

Certainly, it is impossible for many gamers. When you have the idea where the snipers can be and what is the best spot to stay hidden from them, it makes the strategy to flow down into the combat zones. And that gives you the ability to win every competition.

Win 7 Matches without Loss:

The only condition to qualify the Trials of Osiris is to win 7 matches without a loss. That means, your team should be flawlessly victorious. Well, that is the main course of the competition. And it is surely possible when you know how to play. First, it is your strategy that will take you ahead into the combat zones. Then comes to your strength to survive. Survival is the key, and you cannot survive if you cannot defend. And the defense is hidden inside your strength. Well, that needs your knowledge on the map and also how to use various perks. Such as the passages, that will grant your ease in your victory course. Win 3 and take a ferocity, and get the fourth one for free. And then win the next 3 and access the highest rewards.

Earn Additional Rewards from Light House:

When you win 7 matches in a row, you can earn additional rewards from light house. It is for the qualifiers of the Trial of Osiris boosting. There are so many amazing and useful rewards that can enhance your capability to outrun your opponents. Among them is the special armor that lasts for the entire week.


Every guardian has a list of great options. Well, if you have the option to enhance the strength of your character, get the best armor you can along with the weapon that works well. You can communicate the options with your team members and modify your character accordingly. The perquisites are modifiable and can be adjusted to strengthen the character.

Time Required:

The total time required for the Trials of Osiris is a weekend. It begins at 6 P.M GMT and continues till the same time Tuesday. This is the entire time in which you can show off your skills and be the legendary winner.

Trials of Osiris are here in Beyond Light, and they brought along the much-loved Adept Weapons, which were missing from the game along with them. The new trials will be a weekly event that will start every Friday and continue throughout the weekend before resetting on Monday. The way Trials of Osiris work is that players will be given a card at the start of every run; three losses on this card and the run comes to an end. Trials of Osiris offers unique end-game weapons and armor but to earn Adept Weapons; you have to go flawless throughout the passage of the trials.

Many of the players must have seen a Guardian with glowing armor while roaming around the tower. It is not very often, but every weekend a few are walking the halls; those are the Guardians that have competed in the Trials of Osiris and went Flawless. For those unaware, Trials of Osiris is the competitive PvP mode in which two teams, both consisting of 3 members, fight in an elimination match. If someone manages to go flawless, which means winning seven games in a row in these trials, they unlock a new destination called The Lighthouse where they can get many unique rewards as well as an Adept Weapon.

Adept weapons in D2 are going to be quite different than their D1 counterparts. The new adept weapons are not going to offer any special perk. Instead, they will provide extra stats, which means if a regular weapon gains +10 stability stat, then their adept counterpart will get +3 all alternate stats in addition to that +10 stability. Not only that, but the existing mods will also be improved when they are used on an adept weapon, which will ensure that you have a slight advantage over the competition for going flawless.

The Beyond Light expansion brought Trials of Osiris back to D2 and this time around, they brought Adept weapons along with them. Adept weapons had been missing from the game for a while, but their return was confirmed by Bungie even before Beyond Light went live. Trials of Osiris are a time-gated activity, which means it will only be available from Friday and run throughout the weekend before it resets on Monday. Players can earn unique rewards from playing Trials of Osiris. If they manage to go flawless throughout the trials, they can win adept weapons and valuable armor.

The guardians who are unaware of these trials are the pinnacle of PvP matches that those players go after who seek a far greater challenge than normal PvE. They are 3v3 best of five elimination type matches with no matchmaking, meaning players will need to be in a group of three to participate. In these trials, you get unlimited revives, and matches are timed when time is about to run out control point appears, and the first trio to get the control point wins. The main goal is to win seven matches before losing no more than three, although it depends on your selected passage. Winning seven without a loss is counted as flawless, but as you win matches, the opponents you will face will be more skilled.

The current map on the roll is the Bannerfall, and players can get the Adept version of The Summoner and the Adept Targeting mod if they manage to go flawless in the current week’s Trial. The new adept weapons are going to offer extra alternate stats and the main stat rather than any special perks that were offered in D1. That will ensure that they have a slight advantage over their normal counterparts instead of being overpowered.


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TRIALS OF OSIRIS WEEKLY REWARDS The rewards below are guaranteed. Others are completely random.
3 Wins Shayura's Wrath SMG
5 Wins

Chest Armour

7 Wins The messenger Pulse Rifle  
Flawless Igneous Hammer (ADEPT) + Random Adept Mod
Emblem: Hardened By Trial  
Emblem: Flawless Empyrean Emblem

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