Challenge Tier Boosting

When you finish the story in Outriders you may notice that this isn’t the end… You now unlock something called “Expeditions” and with these expeditions come something new called Challenge Tiers, these challenge tiers are very similar to world tiers but actually allow you to progress further than you ever had in the current main story section of the game. World tiers allow you to get your weapons and armour up to level 45 meaning you can get up to 15 levels above the main game level cap but challenge tiers actually allow you to reach the current max of level 50 gear. This may be increased in future expansions but as of current, this is the highest you may possibly reach during the entire game of Outriders! You may be asking how you can increase your challenge tier, well really it’s quite simple but incredibly difficult to do. Not only does the challenge tier improve the level of gear you receive but it also increases the chances you have to receive higher tier rewards such as legendary weapons and higher bulks of materials upon completion of higher challenge tiers. In the highest challenge tier, you have a 25% chance to receive a legendary per completion of each expedition and 75% at an epic drop each time. Players have the option of choosing different maps to go on expeditions with their character and Drop Pod resources can be collected from Expedition missions as a reward for completing each level increasing amounts of drop pod resources rewarded at the end of each completion. The dev team of Outriders chose this kind of difficulty setting as it allows the player to set their own pace and also progress further if they want a bigger challenge making a more diverse challenge!

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