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About Flawless Triumph Seal:

D2 is a hot contender just because of its spectacular updates and expansions. The Triumph Seal is another unique expansion that puts the gamer into a gruesome challenge. Every guardian stands against another guardian fighting for the majestic Triumph Seal. Over just a single condition every guardian can earn this glorious seal. And the condition is, be “Flawless”. This is a flawless triumph seal challenge. And all about flawless triumph seal is hidden in five triumphs. Player needs to flawlessly complete Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple. Then the guardian needs to ensure that the confidence is high. After that, the guardian shall move into the safe harbor and aim for the guardian of the lighthouse. Yeah, this is the way that earns you the seal. Well, everything goes very easy for a fair gamer. But on the stage of the safe harbor, they are nearly done.

Why that happens, we will explain it here.

Complete 5 Flawless Triumphs:

There are certain high stakes that the player needs to complete to earn the flawless seal. In total the guardian has to complete 5 flawless triumphs for the seal. Doing that, they confront the mightiest dangers every brought to D2. Along with that, they need to compete with other players as well. That means it not just an environment campaign only. Further, this campaign out in the season of worthy. But seasons do not limit this campaign. Certainly, the campaign is available for the guardians as of now. And they can complete it as long Bungie puts a limit on it. However, the triumphs to complete are from the Season of Worthy. Ahead of that, triumphs should be completed flawlessly and in a single season. These are the triumphs:

  • Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple
  • Confidence is High
  • Safe Harbor
  • Guardian of the Light House
  • This is the Way

Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple:

The very first requirement for the flawless triumph seal is the Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple. The guardian needs to collect trophies from this campaign. Well, as per the requirement of the triumph, the player should complete this Veteran Discipline using one character. Do not switch the characters. Else, your effort will have no fruit.In doing so, the player needs to collect a couple of sets. These include the armor set and the weapons. In the armor set the guardian has to collect five pieces from Titan, Hunter,or Warlock exile armor 2.0. Next to that, in the weapons division, the guardian requires five completions. Among them, the first one is The Scholar. Next to that is the Eye of Sol. Astral Horizon comes following. Then there comes the Exile’s Curse. In addition to that, the guardian needs The Summoner and finally Tomorrow’s Answer.

Upon completing the Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple, the player can move to the next requirement. Not to forget, the trials’ reward drops are spread into various weeks. Hence the player needs to play this event in multiple weeks to collect all requirements.

Confidence is High:

Confidence is high! Yeah, it should be when you have won 7 games consecutively without losing. Well, make sure that your confidence remains high instead of becoming overconfident. If you remember, there were some passages in the Trails of Osiris from Saint 14. You need to collect all those passages before you can qualify for the next challenge of flawless triumph seal. If you have forgotten let us remind you what you have to do. First, purchase the mercy and ferocity passage. They do not have any requirements and are always available. The after five wins the player can purchase wealth passage. Finally, upon 7 wins, the wisdom and confidence passage are unlocked.

Well, the total process can become easy if you know where and when to use the passage. Like, use mercy whenever you lose a match. This will omit any defeats from your record. Then use ferocity after the third consecutive win. This will add the fourth win for free.

Safe Harbor:

Here comes the difficult task. Once you have the Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple and the confidence passage, you need to move to the safe harbor. Well, why would that be difficult if it is just about moving to the safe harbor? Let us explain the difficulty. Moving to the safe harbor alone is indeed quite easy. Especially for regular gamers, it is never a problem. But when you have to take along another player to the safe harbor, it is indeed difficult. And it becomes even difficult when you have to take along a player who has never been to the safe harbor.

Well, that will simply relay what you have to do. After completing your previous objectives, you have to find a new player. A player who is playing this game for the first time. Or has been losing at the previous stages forever, and luckily won for the first time.

Guardian of the Lighthouse:

This is where your gaming abilities will be tested. This is not difficult at all. But it requires some cool gaming skills, confidence, and even the ability to stay consistent. Guardian of the Lighthouse wants the guardians to win 17 matches. The player is first required to win 7 wins on a ticket. Once the 7 flawless wins are complete, they have to score 10 more wins. And that makes 17 wins. Well, that might not be difficult for a lot of guys. Further, make sure that you do not reset the ticket after completing 7 wins. As progress towards the triumph shall begin on the same ticket after the 7 wins are completed. Additionally, if you fill up your ticket with losses, then you will need a new ticket, to begin with. So, would you be able to ensure 17 wins on a ticket?

This is the Way:

Here comes another test for the guardians. They need the flawless passage from 4 different locations. And this all should happen during a single season. Well, that is a wonderful test of gaming skills. First, the gamer has to move into the first map and complete its passages. After that, the second, then third and finally the fourth. Yeah, another thing to note! The prerequisite for This is the Way is the confidence passage. That means you cannot attain the confidence passage again. You need 4 new passages. Well, not sure if this is difficult for a regular gamer. But it looks difficult for a newbie. Certainly, maintaining your winning streak and completing all the passages in a single season is tough.Well, some expert players tell that it can take up to 4 weeks to complete this requirement.


There are no special prerequisites for flawless triumph seals. All that is required are the objectives that are explained here. Besides, the player should have Trails of Osiris. That means the guardian should be a flawless winner and have the confidence passage. Ahead of that, there is nothing more it requires from the gamers. Yeah, the common requirement includes having D2 and access to the Trials of Osiris. Further, there is no cap on this campaign. That means it began in the Season of the Worthy. But it has not been defined yet how long will it proceed. Certainly, it is available in every season so far. Additionally, players should not forget that their effort will expire if the season is over. They should complete this campaign within a single season.

Time Required:

Every triumph for the flawless seal takes a lot of time. Well, the time requirement can shrink depending on the skills of the guardian. The Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple can take up to a couple of weeks. The guardian has to complete the sets of armor and weapon. As said it depends on the gaming skills of the guardians how quickly they complete this triumph. Next to that, the confidence passage may take 3 to 4 days, depending on the skills. Guardians who already have this passage may not require any time at all. Further, Safe Harbor’s triumph can take a lot of time. Even some guardians could not complete it in a single season. Because you have to find a new player to take to the safe harbor. Well, that depends on your luck. Sometimes, you are so lucky that the first guardian you meet is a newbie.

Ahead of that, the guardian of the lighthouse may take a few days or a couple of weeks. And this is the way it may take takes almost 4 weeks.

Titles are exclusive words visible over the head of a guardian next to its name while playing the game that can be achieved by accomplishing a seal. Achieving a seal is tied to players completing a certain number of Triumphs, making titles a sign of completion and mastery over specific parts of D2. The Flawless Triumph Seal is one of the Triumph Seals added in D2. It is associated with Trials of Osiris, and unlocking it requires players to achieve a certain number of accomplishments by playing Trials of Osiris over the weekends.


Bungie revealed with the release of Beyond Light that the lesser-played content in D2 would be rotated out from the main game into what they are calling the Content Vault. They also revealed that the triumphs getting removed from the game would be labeled as ‘Legacy Triumphs.’ As part of the new system, the triumph score would be broken down into two parts Career and Active score. The Active score would comprise current triumphs, while the Career score would include all achievements, including those removed. Luckily the Flawless Triumph seal was not removed from the game and can still be achieved.


To achieve the Flawless Triumph Seal, players will need to complete five triumphs related to the Trials of Osiris. All these triumphs are difficult in their own regard and might even take dozens of hours and multiple weeks of effort to even the most veteran guardians to complete. The triumphs required to unlock the Flawless Title are:


·         Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple

·         Confidence Is High

·         Safe Harbor

·         Guardian of the Lighthouse

·         This Is the Way


Moreover, it is to be noted that all these triumphs need to be completed in a single season and flawlessly to obtain the Flawless Triumph Seal.


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