Mountaintop Boosting

Mountaintop Boosting

There are currently a bunch of Crucible Pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2, and none are as baffling to open as The Mountaintop boosting. The mission to earn this weapon requires a hell lot of sweat and tears. The task is lengthy and requires a specific playstyle otherwise. It is challenging to win.

The Mountaintop is a dynamic, lightweight grenade launcher, implying that it fills the principal essential weapon space, an irregularity for grenade launchers. Be that as it may, its exceptional advantage Micro Missile makes it stick out. This weapon discharges in an orderly fashion and has an enormously sped up. There is no gun in the game that is presently clergymen, a play style like this one, taking into consideration some stunning plays. It is the most flexible gun for any circumstance.

Getting a Mountaintop is not an easy task. You will need planning and an expert level skill to earn Mountaintop boosting.

The Playstyle of Mountaintop Boosting

Flexibility – The Mountaintop Boosting is genuinely one of the most adaptable firearms in the game. It tends to play like a shotgun, a combination, or an expert sharpshooter. It can likewise plant traps if you lean toward the clingy nade perk decision. Extraordinary for commencement bomb assurance. The firearm plays particularly well from the air shooting down on your rivals and utilizing the ground as a stopping board if you miss. You are going to go through some situations to address the above focuses. 

Plays like a shotgun –The peak can be played particularly like the chaperone yet with better in air exactness. Working the weapon in this range, you ought not to run into many such issues with the shot travel time. Do not miss or your dead. Likewise, do not get excessively close, or the sprinkle harm will execute you and result in exchange. This range is a decent spot to begin becoming accustomed to the weapon. 

Plays like a combination – This playstyle is somewhat more situational, yet the peak can ultimately play in combination rifle run. Fundamental technique here is to focus on lower legs. If you hit, they are dead; one hit slaughter. Harm should take into consideration a simple trade cleanup on the off chance that you miss the sprinkle, particularly if you have free handgrip mod on your vitality weapon—no compelling reason to ADS only showers. Do not miss or your dead. 

The ground and dividers are your companions

Mountaintop Boosting

The mountaintops novel advantage miniaturized scale rocket implies the explosives explode on sway with any surface. Situational attention to your rivals is critical to utilizing this weapon more so than different firearms. You have to know where your objective is and what is behind your intention. The purpose ought to be to at whatever point conceivable shoot against a screen, so regardless of whether you miss your adversary will endure sprinkle harm. It should mainly be possible by shooting down from the air and utilizing the ground; however, dividers and limited passageways also work. Another note, while drawing in the foe in CQC with its peak, can frequently bring about a bouncing fight. The best appeal here is to hop away from your adversary. Focus on when their bounce is going to contact the ground. That is the point at which you need to attempt to hit them with your mountaintop shot. It very well may be enticing to try to play duck chase and go for the in-air shot, yet as a rule, you will wind up dead. 

To point down sights or not? – To rehearse with the weapon without ADS. It gives you more noteworthy adaptability in all commitments. The reticle the Mountaintop boosting gives when not ADS is quite overall quite simple to utilize once you put in some training. I suggest going into watch zones and working on hitting shots at extending while not pointing down sight. You will be amazed at how precise and viable laying it all out there is. Indeed, pointing down sights gives marginally quicker travel time yet not worth the loss of utility IMO.

Finishing the Triumph

An elective viewpoint attempting to complete the triumph as quick as conceivable is to use it as an approach to rehearsing with the weapon type. It will permit you to use the Mountaintop more rapidly to its maximum capacity once you open it. Granulating out a Militias Birthright with spike projectiles so it would one be able to hit murder on an immediate effect. Pair that up with the Dead Orbit explosive launcher Truthteller, and you have a form that drives you to run your projectile shots or die. When you begin to get the hang of it, you ought to have the option to get some decent twofold kills, executing a rival with the legacy at that point changing to the Truthteller to tidy up another. It likewise shows you how to endure when you miss your shots since you have no backup plan. 

Final retreat – While dubious, killing yourself to stay away from death by super is a thing. Numerous individuals allude to bouncing off the guide as one approach to achieve this. The Mountaintop can likewise do this when there is not a single edge insight. Shoot your feet for moment passing. Or, on the other hand, take care of business and attempt to outplay them, whichever way up to you yet significant.

No weapon offers the same number of fun one of a kind approaches to play as the Mountaintop. It is the Swiss Army blade of utility, and your capacity sets its constraints. A definitive ability roof weapon. This firearm is 100% worth the journey line and deserving of its zenith weapon status.

Get it right now to improve your playstyle.


The Mountaintop—Lightweight Grenade Launcher (Kinetic)
-The Mountaintop’s unique perk is “Micro-Missile: This weapon fires in a straight line and has a massively increased projectile speed.”
-In addition to the above benefits, the projectile instantly detonates on the environment instead of bouncing like a traditional grenade launcher, unless you have Sticky Grenades selected.

Quest Steps

1.Reach Glory rank “Brave” within a season
2. Each objective earns you progress per action in any playlist, and players can earn substantial bonus progress by completing these objectives in the Competitive playlist.

In the Crucible, earn Grenade Launcher final blows

750 Total Points
-Rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents

200 Total Points
-Earn Calculated Trajectory medals

100 Total Points
-Non-Competitive Playlists:
Medal Earned: 1 Points
-Competitive Playlist:
Medal Earned: 4 Points

3. Reach Glory rank “Fabled” within a season

4. Return to Lord Shaxx to receive The Mountaintop

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