About Xenophage:


Are you the Destiny 2 gamer? Then you will surely have an interest in Xenophage. This is a striking machine gun available to all those who have access to Shadowkeep.Xeophage was introduced, during the Festival of Lost. It was back in 2019. Well, it is a unique weapon that every Destiny 2 gamer should have. Especially, when conquering every opponent is the main objective for you. Well, earning this amazing weapon is easy than many other quests in Destiny 2. Most of the literary fans might be wondering what Xenophage means. When we break the word into two parts, we get “Xeno” and “Phage”. Here Xeno means the alien and the phage represents eater. On combining the terms we get alien-eater. Further, do not confuse Xenophage with the biological term Xenophagy. But when you look into the explanations of the term Xenphagy, you will find Xenophage similar to that.

Damage Type and Stats:

The unique characteristics of Xenophage make it an important weapon for every ambitious player. It has some serious amounts of very uncommon stats. Only the best guns have such stats. And that all results in a superb damage effect. Well, coming to the stats, the very first thing to discuss is impact. The impact of Xenophage is 100%. That means, your opponent stands no chance when you are holding this weapon. Additionally, it can take a shot of up to 71%. Well, it is good enough to say bye-bye to the enemies standing at a significant range. But when it comes to stability, the stats become disappointing. It is only 39% stable. And a gun of this quality with this much stability means a whole lot of recoil. Well, the recoil stats of Xenophage is 85%.

Moving ahead, this weapon is only has a 37% handling stats. And the reload speed is 38%.  The player gets the aim assistance of 33%. Further, the inventory size is only 3% big, and the zoom sights to only 16%. Along with everything else, Xenophage has a 15% bounce intensity.

Xenophage Perks:


Xenophage has a couple of perks to offer. A high damaging weapon having perks on it is indeed a blessing. Well, that is what is amazing about the Destiny 2. Guardians find amazing weapons. And every new weapon has something really special inside. And that gives them the chance to beat the guardian of another player hard. Further, the very first and notable perk in Xenophage is Pyrotoxin Rounds. It is the glory of every guardian. Fire explosive rounds onto your opponents and send them to the hell instantly. The high power blasting rounds make it tougher for your opponents to avoid the fire. But that remains on you how well you use this gun.

Ahead of that, the magazine of Xenophage can carry 13 rounds. Well, it is up to you how you take the benefit of those 13 rounds. At times 13 are even less to kill an opponent, depending on the player’s skills. The next perk in Xenophage is Rangefinder. The Rangefinder improves the range and sight of the weapon. Since Xenophage has only 16% of zoom sights, this perk helps in enhancing its range efficiency. Well, that is the benefit for every guardian to easily find their opponent in the scope and pay them the regards.

Xenophage Lore:

The lore of Xenophage is explained well, by the vigorous words of Omar Agah. Well, let us begin with a brief on Agah. Eriana-3 was leading a team to challenge Crota. In her team there was a valorous hunter called Omar Agah. Agah fought alongside his team but was wounded in one of the encounters. The heart of Crota captured Agah and took him to the Wizard. The Wizard was never kind to Agah. He took him down into the tunnel of the hive. They exploited him and took the benefit of his powers. After a long time, he woke up as in insect but later was recovered.

He created the Xenophage and cited his vengeance that he vowed in the present life instead of the next one. His vengeance will be true if the guardians are enough capable to take full benefit of the Xenophage. Well, this can give an idea of why Xenophage is so brutal in PVP.

How to Acquire:


Acquiring Xenophage only takes four steps. It begins with obtaining the quest. The player has to head to the moon and move towards the location of Eris Morn. Well, the easiest way to jump in is to complete the weekly memory quest of Eris. And that will enter you into the portal. But if you wish to take a simple route then head towards the harbor of Sorrow. It is a slight puzzle that the player has to follow. Move into the door on a raised section and follow the linear path. Where the darkness begins to stop there and look back. There is a hole in the wall upside. Jump into the hole and that will take you to the location.

The next step is to light the lecterns. That you will find within the anchor of light. Move into it and light 6 lecterns. There is a specific order to light them up. Once the lecterns are lit, you will move onto the next step. Then you have to find the lost sectors of the moon. There are four of them and upon finding each of them, the player has to shoot a puzzle to qualify for the next one. Finally, there comes the boss stage in the pit of Heresy. A tough challenge indeed, but a bit of exercise can make that easy. The player has to pick the fireballs and make them interact with their dread type. Once you are done with the fireballs, eliminate the boss. And as a reward your will get the Hive Bug which Eris Morn can turn into Xenophage.


The quest of Xenophage is accessible if you have the Shadowkeep expansion pack. It is the fourth expansion of this game that came out in October of 2019. Ahead of that, this episode is based on the moon. So you better not forget how to play on the surface of the moon. And if you did forget, then you will require some practice to learn back how it is to be played. Besides, the rest of the requirement is explained in how to acquire section. 

Time Required:

Very frankly, the time required depends on the capability of the gamers. Some gamers are good enough to complete this within a couple of hours. But some may take over a week or two. Well, every step in the quest can take over half an hour. And the boss stage might take around an hour. If you qualify each step in a single go, then you may take around a couple of hours. But if you make mistakes on every step and have to respawn again and again, then there can no time expectation.


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