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Prophecy Dungeon Boosting

Prophecy Dungeon Boosting

Destiny 2 is no more abnormal to high-flying shenanigans; however, the Prophecy Dungeon Boosting  takes things to another level. The Prophecy Dungeon Boosting is one of the most refreshing surprises of Destiny 2 revealed recently in the season of arrival. It provides an exciting new challenge and a Daito Foundry Armor to players who survive. If you have not purchased Season Pass or Shadow, keep then also you can get it. This Destiny 2 new dungeon has weird outsider geometries that flip the world on its head.

A vital component of this dungeon will be different low-gravity segments where players must utilize their platforming aptitudes to endure. It would seem that a steep drop into the pit, so you surely need to be cautious as you move over the coasting stages in a portion of the trickier bits.

Try your Sparrow aptitudes here. Guardians will be riding their mechanical mounts across large rings suspended in the sky. This, be that as it may, is just 50% of the riddle.

While a few pieces of this new Destiny 2 dungeon are fully open territories, others are a reasonable piece increasingly claustrophobic. A few segments of this dungeon have an 80s synthwave look with sparkling neon lights in obscured hues. Others seem as though antiquated sanctuaries with odd highlights like steps on the roof and foes toward each path.

There is likewise some loot you will find in the different difficulties inside. On the off chance that you can figure out how to effectively explore the Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Boosting, you will score a sweet arrangement of Daito Foundry Armor for your endeavours. As usual, there are three renditions of the reinforcement: one each for Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.

This is accessible through the tower directory, and it begins at 1040 lights, and by the end, enemies are 1060 lights, so make sure you level up your weapons. It requires a hell lot of sweats, blood and tears along with very strong and focused approached to overcome this challenge.


This is accessible through the tower directory, and it begins at 1040 lights, and by the end, enemies are 1060 lights, so make sure you level up your weapons. It requires a hell lot of sweats, blood and tears along with very strong and focused approached to overcome this challenge with Prophecy Dungeon Boosting in Season Of the Arrival

How to unlock it?

Prophecy Dungeon Boosting

Step 1: Heaven/Hell

For this experience, you’ll need to get all the knights in the passages on your right side to finisher-level health (you don’t need to get every one of them, yet if something goes wrong.), while maintaining a strategic distance from two-shot Thrall. You’ll see two towers by the entryway, one Dark and one Light. They’ll be significant later. To get Dark or Light bits, you need to kill the knights while your screen is either dark-coloured or white-coloured. To change your colour, remain in the shadows around the field. In case you’re in a shadow, and your screen is shadowy as well, executing a Knight drops three Dark bits. You need five Dark bits to advance.

In the wake of getting five Dark bits, you’ll consequently gather a major Mote of Dark. Go to the Dark column referenced before and click shoot. On PlayStation it was R2. Doing this should evacuate the Dark column. To leave the Light column and open the entryway, rehash what you accomplished for bits of Dark, however, now do Motes of Light. When you store, the entryway should open.

Be that as it may, you’re not free and clear yet. Indeed do something very similar in room 2 to open the last entryway. The format is extraordinary, and Thrall hurt so be cautious. Or then again, you can blade moving up the inclining burrows that light up the field.


Step 2: Taken Cabal Phalanx

Same tower specialist as in the past. Two Light and two Dark. Drop all to harm the chief. Rehash until dead.

Step 3: Wasteland 1

Kill the scourges and everything else. Locate the correct shape and go into it.

Step 4: Hexahedron

Evacuate the Pillars to illuminate the 3D shape. You’ll do this a pack and the robust way will pivot. After this current, it has returned to the Wasteland for the next encounter.

Step 5: Deadsea

Navigate to the ocean. There are expert sharpshooter Vandals, yet you can gather your sparrow. Run along the strips. Toward the stopping point, there’s a launcher thing like in Reckoning Tier 2 that dispatches you up into a pyramid (not Pyramid).

The Final Stage: Kell Echo

There are three bosses at three entryways with three distinct images. Bits drop here too, and the repairman including them is the equivalent. Get five, press shoot on a relating column, murder the Ogre. Do that multiple times. From that point onward, you’ll get sucked towards the centre and tumble down where you can harm the chief. You should follow the bosses where he transports, or you’ll get Dark Entropy and most beyond words. So expert snippers are not suggested, Gladd utilized Anarchy and Mountaintop.

If you don’t have the most powerful weapons, you can keep trying and it is be very challenging to cross all the levels.

Get The Prophecy Dungeon Boosting flawlessy.


With Season of Arrivals finally arriving, a new challenge has emerged for guardians in Destiny 2. The Prophecy Dungeon is a new activity that is set in an unknown place, where guardians must solve multiple puzzles, race on their sparrows, and beat the Taken in their own field. 

Earn Daito Foundry Armor exclusively from the Prophecy Dungeon. It is currently available and ready to obtain for your guardian. 

.Let our professional destiny 2 carry service boost you through the new prophecy dungeons today!

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