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If you are a Destiny 2 fan or you use to play that game, you must know about the garden of salvation Boosting. This is the seventh and the last one Raid in the Destiny 2 game. It includes the presence and struggle of all members from your team to win against an ancient force of evil. 
garden of salvation Boosting is exceptionally challenging and pushes the players to the limits making them prove their abilities in playing the game. Those abilities are related to team functioning, as well as to the coordination, resourcefulness, and other skills essential for one good player. It is imperative for the team to have excellent communication and that the team members cooperate well to achieve the most significant results. 

So, garden of salvation Boosting Raid is a severe and complicated phase that requires the player and the team to work together, and best they can. It is recommended for the player to go in with a level of Power at least 920 and to have achievements unlocked such as Seasonal Artifact mods, and good weapons that can help him to win against evil forces. The Raid is on Mars in the Black Garden.

Shadowkeep is here and with it brings the Garden of Salvation raid! This is how to complete the Garden of Salvation raid! The raid starts out on the moon where the opening “encounter” is just to kill a couple of ads guarding the vex portal, once cleared step through the portal into the black garden and make your way to the first encounter. The steps to completing the first encounter are the following:
Create a tether chain to the Vex barrier to start the encounter
One group pushes to the next barrier, killing the Angelic and tethering the door open
The other group stays near Consecrated Mind, collecting its Voltaic Overflow
When Consecrated Mind moves, the back team leapfrogs over the forward team into the new area
Continue leapfrogging, collecting Voltaic Overflow and tethering the Vex barrier open
When in the open field, collect Voltaic Overflow and fight to the other side to end the encounter
After completing this encounter carry on moving forward until you climb into the second encounter. The second encounter is called Summon the Consecrated Mind. To complete this encounter you will have to complete the following steps:
Kill the Goblins in the centre to start the encounter
Two players defend the first relay while four players rotate clockwise to the next relay.
Four players clear Relay 2 and leave one player there to defend it. The rest push on.
Three players clear Relay 3 and leave one player there to defend it. The rest push on.
Two players clear Relay 4 and leave one player there to defend it.
One player from Relay 1 and the last player float between each relay, helping clear enemies and refreshing the Enlightened buff.
Each relay will be assaulted by three Angelics. Once all 12 are defeated, the centre Vex barrier will drop.
All players fight to the centre and defend Relay 5 until the encounter ends.
After completing the second encounter and you have summoned the Consecretrated Mind you won’t have to travel at all to be at the third encounter. The third encounter is called Defeat Consecrated Mind. This will be the first boss fight within the Garden of Salvation raid so ensure you have DPS weapons on! To defeat the Consecrated Mind you will have to complete the following steps.
Create a tether from the Vex box to the centre relay to start the encounter
Three players locate the bank and start killing minotaurs and collecting motes. The player that collects motes deposits them and uses the Enlightened buff to pop the white shields.
The other three players follow the Consecrated Mind. One player collects the Voltaic Overflow and calls out which eyes are red, the inside or outside.
Switch player roles if all three players have Voltaic Overflow counters.
When 30 motes are collected, everyone follows the boss to the bank and the damage phase begins.
Shoot all of the red eyes to stun the boss, opening its weak point. Shoot the centre of the boss as it retreats. Repeat the steps until the boss is defeated.
After this, you are moving on to the fourth and final encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid however before you are there you will have to travel deeper into the black garden and along the way you will see some of the best views Destiny has to offer! Upon arriving at the final encounter you will see the boss floating in mid-air, this is the Sanctified Mind. The final encounter is named Defeat Sanctified Mind.
To do so you will have to follow the following steps:
Begin the encounter by shooting the boss, defeat the enemies then kill the Angelic.
Destroy the boss’ shoulder or knee, or both, and send player(s) through to collect motes. When they’ve collected 10, destroy the shoulder/knee to bring them back. Repeat until 30 motes are in each relay.
Defeat the enemies that spawn, including the Angelic.
The boss will show a blue or orange plus sign. Use the appropriate relay to create a tether to the plus sign. Once it is broken, immediately make a tether to the boss using the opposite relay.
Deal damage to Sanctified Mind and repeat the above steps until completion.

Garden of Salvation Boosting

Steps to Completing garden of salvation Boosting

The Garden of Salvation Raid consists of several steps. To win the Raid, you should pass each stage. If you consider the fact that this specific Raid is very demanding, you can just imagine how many obstacles are placed there through the steps you have to pass.
So, to win this fight, you have to pass the next steps. The first one called Chase the Consecrated Mind, or to be shorter it is called the Embrace. The second step is popularly called Undergrowth, or the Summoning the Consecrated Mind. The third step is known as the Sanctified Mind and includes the Boss Fight.

1st Step Embrace

In the first step of this garden of salvation Boosting, you and your team have a task to unlock the gate of Vex. One player should hit the cube and after that tie down the first players next to him. Then, tie down the rest so they can open the gate. One team consisted out of three players should go through the gate, and the other three players will stick to the Boss. The Boss cannot be destroyed right now, so proceed to the next task.

The team that sticks to the Boss should collect the Voltaic Overflow, that the Boss will shoot. Now, the other side should go further for the other gate, and in its way, they will remove the enemies. During this way, the players will have many enemies to destroy, until they get to the Angelic Hydra whose spawn should kill it to have a cube appear. Hit the hub and tie down all of the teammates, so the next gate can be open. 

Now, you will have to move to the next area, where the team of players should go in, and the other side needs to pick up the Voltaic Overflow and proceed to the fight the same as on the previous stage. When all of the players are tied down again, the new gate will open. The Boss will appear in the latest chamber, so all members of the team should split up and fight against enemies. During this time, the Boss is firing the overflows, and the players should collect at least one for each, and keep going further. The Boss will run away, and this is how the first step will be completed and ended. 

2nd Step Undergrowth

Garden of Salvation Boosting

In the second step of the garden of salvation Boosting, there are four Confluxes to be kept in the four corners of the map. So, the four players should be standing in the corners, and two will be floating around. Now, when the Angelic Hydra spawns, the cube will appear, so the players in the corners will use the teammate’s assistance with tying down so your team can achieve Enlightened buff. With this achievement, you will successfully destroy the enemies.

A Buff is lasting about 45 seconds, so the two single, floating players can help those in corners to tie down the cube and open the Vex gate. When you have defended Confluxes in the corner, you will have the central one opened; you need to protect that as well. All of your teammates should come to the centre, to kill the Angelic Hydra and keep Conflux safe from absorbing into the gate.

Now, you should move your players from the centre, because the Boss is going to show up there, and you will finally have a chance to kill a Consecrated Mind. In basic, the activities are the same. Split into two teams of three players. One team will stand on the centre, and the other will chase the Boss. Boss will shoot the Voltaic Overflow, and one player needs to collect it. The collector will become Detained. Now, the Detainer will order two players to shoot him, for him to stay alive.

The team from the centre will fight enemies, and collect 30 Motes, that will bring the Boss to the field, so you can destroy him. Once you have finished with the Boss, repeat this all over again so you can ruin Consecrated Mind and win raid chest.

3rd Step Defeat Sanctified Mind

When you get into the third phase of garden of salvation Boosting, your team should divide into three groups of two members. One of the teams should take care of Red Conflux, the other of Blue Conflux and the third has the task to fight against the enemies. In this phase, you will have Cyclopes shown up as your enemies.

Teams in charge of the Confluxes will have the light created in the colour of the Conflux they are keeping from enemies. These lights are the way to shoot, and when the red light is used, it will lead to opening a red gate. When getting there, the players should collect the Red Motes, and for the blue team the same just in the blue colour. These Motes have to be deposit at the Confluxes.

When Motes are in place, the Enlighted buff will be received and will allow teams to destroy enemies with the shields. 

Now, when both Confluxes have 30 Motes, there will be shown blue and red cubes spawning. Tie them down, and the Boss will become weaker. The Confluxes will allow you to make the Boss weaker and weaker, and you will have him taken down. If you repeat this process once again, you will take down the Sanctified Mind as well.


To start playing the Garden of Salvation Raid, there are some requisites required to have. So, you can access only after you have bought the Shadowkeep expansion, and completed it. 

The Power level should be at least 920, and you may want to have some mods too. We are talking about Seasonal Artifact mods such as Overload Rounds and Anti-Barrier Rounds. To be successful in this Raid, you should have some good weapons such as Huckleberry, or Riskrunner, and in the range of heavy weapons, the Wendigo and Delirium 21% are a good choice. 

What You Will Get?

About the rewards, you will get the chest spawn over the one you already have. This will happen after finishing the first and the second step of Raid. While playing, you can also win the Pinnade Gear, and if you complete all challenges on this Raid, and when these wins assure you a specific shredder, you will get the Triumph for each shredder. All of these Triumphs count, if you are racing to achieve the Enlighted title. 

How Much Time is Required?

To pass and win the Garden of Salvation Raid, you and your team are going to need about 6 hours. This is an assumption made on thinking that you are a well-organized team with excellent communication and high skills.


garden of salvation boosting :

First week completion : preorder

garden of salvation boosting is the final attack that will be published in the annual pass Destiny 2 and included in shadowkeep. This is a highly difficult raid that sees players deep into the moon once again.

We brought together the full success of the garden of salvation boosting raid to assist you claim the ultimate win.

What’s the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid release date?

Due to a two-week delay, the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid release date is now Saturday, October 5. The Contest modifier, which caps raiders’ Power below the recommended level for each raid encounter, will be active for the first 24 hours to amp up the challenge.

What’s the recommended Power level for the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid?

It’s unclear what the recommended and maximum Power levels in the Garden of Salvation will be, but we can speculate as to where they might fall. There’s technically no Power cap in Shadowkeep thanks to Artifacts, which can be leveled infinitely, but there is a soft cap at 950 Power and another cap at 960. You can reach 950 doing pretty much anything, but to get 960 gear, you’ll need to complete pinnacle activities like the raid. All that being said, the recommended raid Power level will probably be in the low- to mid-900s, with the final encounter scaling up to 950 or so.

Terms & Conditions for day 1 raids

Every effort from multiple boosters is being made. If the raid is too difficult or impossible to complete in Day 1, then the purchase amount will be stored as **In Store Credit** for other items. 

We do this because countless hours go into trying to complete the raid, and a refund would not account for our booster’s hours lost. In order to make it fair for both ends of the table, the purchase amount would be converted in store credit, instead of a refund. 

Terms & Conditions for Week 1 Raids

Must have 921 light minimum. 

Raids will be completed within the first week guaranteed. 

We do this because countless hours go into trying to complete the raid, and a refund would not account for our booster’s hours lost. In order to make it fair for both ends of the table, the purchase amount would be converted in store credit, instead of a refund. 



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GARDEN OF SALVATION RAID REWARDS All rewards are completely random (RNG) and not guaranteed. Key to Divinity Key to Divinity - Must select service / seperate purchase handcannon Ancient Gospel Hand Cannon Sacred Provenance Sacred Provenance Pulse Rifle Reckless Oracle Reckless Oracle Auto Rifle Combat Bow Accrued Redemption Combat Bow Shotgun Prophet of Doom Shotgun Fusion Rifle Zealot's Reward Fusion Rifle Snpier Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle hunter helmet arms chest legs cloak titan helmet arms chest legs class item  helmet arms chest legs warlock class item On top of this, you will unlock the raid emblem "Inherent Truth". Inherent Truth

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