Ascendency Rocket Boosting

Season of the lost is here and with it brings a new pinnacle, ritual, or seasonal weapon. Whatever Bungie calls it these days! The Ascendency Rocket is the newest addition! The rocket is a unique-looking rocket with an explosive light perk. Returning from the blinding grenade launcher knows as Wendigo, a fan favorite as it was a key part of one of the highest DPS combo’s to ever exist. Paired with Izinargis and recluse or another sniper rifle (with 3/4 times the charm or firing line+ other DPS perks) wendigo became a highly sort after weapon for its capabilities. Simply picking up orbs increased the damage per shot to one of the best the game has ever seen, surpassing the likes of Swarm of the raven spike grenades. The community hopes this new rocket launcher can provide the same type of damage boost that wendigo received from explosive light. Paired with perks like impulse amplifier and ambitious assassin. The weapon also comes with chain reaction if you would like to use it to add control!
To retrieve the Ascendency rocket launcher in Destiny 2, you need to reach rank 16 in the Crucible, Gambit, or Vanguard Strikes. Upon reaching rank 16, you can visit the respective playlist vendor and buy the Ascendency rocket launcher.
Vanguard Strikes is a PvE mode that you can complete dailies in. It is one of the quickest playlists to rank up in and is recommended.
The Crucible and Gambit are modes that you may also use to rank up. Crucible provides a much quicker rate of XP than Gambit, but it is entirely dependent on your preference. If you are solely seeking quick rank-ups but prefer PvP over PvE, Crucible is recommended as you can quickly win matches with the right team and skill.

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