Null Composure Boosting

A new season of Destiny begins and Guardian Boost is here to help! Get yourself the brand new ritual pinnacle weapon coming in the new season of the splicer. The new season of the splicer is bringing an abundance of new weaponry to Destiny 2 and one the most anticipated weapons in the new bunch is 100% the brand new ritual weapon. The ritual weapon this season is named the Null Composure pinnacle fusion rifle. It is likely similar to the Loaded question fusion rifle that was sunset back when Bungie announced their plans to do so. It is also teased that similar to the loaded question that the pinnacle perk itself, which was called Reservoir Burst will be returning this season likely to be appearing on the new fusion the Null composure itself. This perk was incredibly powerful as it would allow you to deal massive damage upon firing with a full magazine. This also caused your enemies to explode upon death causing a chain reaction of huge damage to all enemies around. Once the weapon is unlocked, you can collect Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard themed weapon ornaments to further customise your style which we have as options allowing you to purchase alongside your new weapon. Purchasing your Null composure boosting today will grant you the best fusion rifle coming in to the game with fantastic add clear potential and immense damage out put. Your highly skilled booster will know the best and fastest methods for unlocking the new weapon so that you can get in and play with it as fast as possible! Along side the release of the weapon Bungie is also planning to buff fusion rifles making the new weapon an amazing contender to be one of the must have weapons in the game

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