Expunge Boosting

Expunge launches with the Season of the Splicer! Being described by Bungie as a brand new weekly mission. During the Season of the Splicer, the new weekly Expunge mission will be available once per weekly reset spaced over 6 different resets. At this time it does not give any Pinnacle rewards as of right now, but starting June 15th the bug will be fixed and this mission will reward a Pinnacle item upon completion. Currently, it rewards a high stat rolled piece of armour, rotating weekly allowing for a full set of high stat pinnacle armour, allowing them to be a great way to acquire armour for end game PvE and PVP such as grandmasters and Trials of Osiris where armour level and stat bonuses are a tremendous way to progress in both modes! The expunge mission is the way Bungie has chosen to proceed with the story telling for this season, alongside Override. The mission seems to be taking guardians inside of the vex network to harm it from the inside out and bring an end to the endless night that’s currently being held over the tower and the last city. Through various hints and lore in the game, it seems Savathun may be behind the endless night the vex has placed the guardians in via the use of Quria, blade transform. Which she had taken for her own plans. Leaks would suggest we will face off against Quria by the end of the expunge mission line bringing an end to the cursed night. When purchasing your Expunge Boosting you may notice the options for less than 10 minute completion and also a flawless completion and any other’s added in the future. Purchasing these options will help you complete the various Triumph’s Expunge has to offer within the mode!

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