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European Aerial Zone Solstice of Heroes Boost​

Solstice of Heroes Boosting​ The fan-most loved region returns again this year, which means you’ll be platforming and killing foes simultaneously. Expect an assignment concentrated on killing minibosses and so forth (which could take some time).

Solstice of Heroes 2020 Armor Set

Looks like we’ll be modifying our protective layer set once more, as those sly information diggers have revealed the necessities to control it up.

You can locate the full rundown here, just as a look at the dazzling protective layer underneath.

Worth the granulate?

Predetermination 2: Solstice of Heroes Start and End Dates

Solstice of Heroes commences on August 11, and runs until September 8 – allowing you a month to gain that sparkle up!

Last Year's Solstice Challenges (h4)

Upgrade the Drained Armor Set
  • Complete runs through the European Aerial Zone, land precision final blows, and defeat Hive combatants.

  • Loot chests in the European Aerial Zone, complete Solstice of Heroes bounties, and defeat enemies in the European Aerial Zone while equipped with an Arc subclass.

  • Complete adventures, collect Solar orbs in strikes, and defeat opposing Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit.

  • Complete public events on Nessus, collect Void orbs in the Crucible or Gambit, and unlock Solstice Packages.

  • Complete playlist strikes, collect Elemental Orbs of any type in any activity, and complete Crucible or Gambit matches.

Upgrade the Renewed armor set
  • Complete Gambit matches, collect Elemental Orbs using a matching [Arc Kill] / [Solar Kill] / [Void Kill] subclass, and, as a team, defeat opposing Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit using Arc weapons.

  • Complete Heroic public events, complete daily or weekly challenges, and defeat minibosses in the European Aerial Zone.

  • Defeat enemies in strike playlists using a subclass that matches the [Arc Kill] / [Solar Kill] / [Void Kill] Day, loot chests in the European Aerial Zone, and defeat Fallen using a subclass that matches the [Arc Kill] / [Solar Kill] / [Void Kill] Day.

  • Complete bounties, collect Void orbs in any strike, and defeat enemy combatants with Solar melee attacks.

  • Complete patrols on Io, collect Elemental Orbs of any type in the European Aerial Zone, and defeat enemy combatants with Solar weapons.

masterwork the Majestic Armor
  • Complete a Prestige Nightfall with a score of 200,000 or better.

  • Complete playlist strikes with clanmates.

  • Complete the dungeon “Shattered Throne” in the Dreaming City with a fireteam of two players or fewer.

  • Reset your Season 7 Valor ranking in the Crucible.

  • Defeat challenging combatants throughout the system.

EV-37 Voidstreak Sparrow

Once you obtain Solstice Legendary Armor on all 3 characters, you will gain access to the EV-37 Voidstreak Sparrow.

Solstice of Heroes Boosting

Solstice of Heroes is back! Solstice of Heroes is a limited-time Live Event that celebrates the achievements of Guardians. The Solstice of Heroes event offers armour that needs to be powered up through a series of activities – increasing its level to max power, and giving you an armour set that can be upgraded to the power cap. You can work on earning your upgraded armor pieces for your Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. You will also receive Solstice of Hero packages that you need to unlock by making your way over to the European Aerial Zone, the EAZ which is a timed event to which you race to kill as many bosses as possible in a short amount of time. After that, you get another short time period to find the same number as the boss kills you amounted up turns into a number of chests scattered around the EAZ. Opening these chests can reward you with Solstice key fragments and Solstice chests. (The Solstice Package is a white box with a purple background.) These chests will reward the new weapons that are dropping throughout the event. The other half of the event is leveling up the armour from its broken status to legendary, masterwork and you can also purchase special event glows to equip to the armour. Leveling up the armour is quite a lengthy process. This time they are including boosts to help speed up the grind across characters so that the leveling from green to master worked doesn’t take as long as past years. The challenges to level up the gear usually have you going through all the activities and subclass options destiny has to offer. Long challenges such as 10 gambit games or short ones like kills in strikes! They may also require you to clear a raid dungeon or participate in Trials of Osiris!


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