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Vault Of Glass returns! Vault of Glass also is renowned for its amazing loot with some of the infamous weapons in Destiny history. Weapons such as Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence, Corrective measure, Atheon’s Epilogue, Praedyths Revenge, Hazens Vengeance, and Praetorian Foil but none of these compare to the famous legendary Exotic fusion rifle Vex Mythoclast also made its first appearance in the VOG raid. Upon release of the weapon, it was extremely powerful tearing apart anything it came across as it destroyed the entire crucible when players first began to clear the Vault and earn the weapon! The vex is very unique inside of destiny as it is the only primary fusion rifle to exist in the entire game with all the rest of them being a special weapon variant. Vex Mythoclast is an Exotic 360 RPM fusion rifle. It deals with Solar damage and uses Primary ammo. The intrinsic Exotic perk is Timeless Mythoclast, which causes it to fire a single bolt when players pull the trigger. Being a 360 RPM rifle, it fires more like an auto rifle than a fusion rifle. Its brand new secondary perk is Temporal Unlimiter, which causes Guardians to gather Overcharge charges when killing enemies. Players can then swap the firing mode (likely by holding the reload button) to turn Vex Mythoclast into a linear fusion rifle. In this mode, players need to charge shots, but they presumably do much more damage. Linear fusion rifles can typically kill enemy Guardians in a single head shot creating a new dynamic for the weapon as it returns, slightly differing from its Destiny one counterpart. Vex Mythoclast also has an Exotic Catalyst, which gives the gun more stability when it has Overcharge charges, this catalyst will likely be a reward from the master version coming later!

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