Vault Cleaning Service

Get your Vault cleaned with Guardianboost today! Don’t want to go through your messy vault? Or simply want professional eyes to take a look at your Vault? We got you covered! Spend up to an hour talking with your booster Via sms/email or even join a party chat with them and discuss what you should and shouldn’t keep in your vault! Maybe your more laid back and tell your booster which modes you like to play, PVE or PVP or maybe both and your booster will clean your vault based upon your answers!


This service DOES include dismantling items, if you don’t wish for your booster to dismantle ANYTHING please mention so via order notes or early sms/email communications.
It’s recommended you LOCK any items you don’t want dismantling and UNLOCK any items your unsure about.
We recommend telling your booster what modes you like to play so they can make choices more suited to you
Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask LiveChat or your booster!

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