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Iron banner is back! Bungie’s answer to 6v6 competitive crucible in Destiny! Fight it out with Power level enabled content! Rewards range from some of the most powerful weapons the game has to offer, with weapons like Swarm of the Raven and Steady hand. The iron banner usually operates around a single mode however in the past they have been known to rotate modes such as Control, clash, and rift being some of the modes which come to mind. Iron Banner is a week-long Crucible event in Destiny 2 that offers its participants unique rewards. For information regarding the availability of upcoming Iron Banner events, players should look for the weekly TWAB or in game notices. Iron banner rewards also brings along with it an armour set each time which now rolls with high stats which makes Iron banner a great place to begin and enhance your build on all your characters. It is available once a month (Every 4 weeks) and lasts for one week. The Iron Banner offers exclusive gear as a reward for those who compete. Unless Bungie decides to change to the pattern. Currently, there are 4 bounties per character each week, each of those bounties rewards 50 tokens and a piece of pinnacle armour or weaponry each time you turn them in. Unlike some other currencies in Destiny 2, Iron Banner tokens don’t expire between seasons. This means that players could theoretically save up tokens for the next time Lord Saladin brings something new. Lord Saladin is the Iron banner vendor. Get your iron banner boosting done today! With Guardian Boost! We also offer an Iron banner bundle which is the entire Iron banner package at a discounted rate! Check it out today!

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