Wish Ender Boosting is an exotic weapon, introduced to the extension in Forsaken. It is among the game’s two exotic bows, and the only one released as part of a quest. It is also highly practical and equally beneficial in both PvE and PvP. However, obtaining this bow is a rough experience, and when you commence the quest, you have to be at most at a light level of 570. The quest connects neatly with The Shattered Throne Dungeon, something you must execute before unlocking the bow expedition. The Shattered Throne makes its presence during the curse week, which is usually week 3. So, you can monitor whenever you would be able to obtain this Exotic weapon. Firstly, you have to acquire Petrta Venj ‘s Wish-Ender quest inside the Dreaming City. Afterward, you have to beat the first boss in the Dungeon of the Shattered Throne and pay a visit to the Sjur Eido statue. She will interact on the Tangled Shore and allow access to the expedition. You must commute to the Four-Horn Gulch and engage with the mission Beacon. The operation is relatively straightforward and includes a lot of adversaries from Taken. You will be able to gather all three tokens after beating the three bosses at the end of the campaign. You must then go back with the things to the Shattered Throne, summon the bosses by finding Arc Charges, and kill all three hidden bosses.   After beating all three bosses, you have to collect the tokens and reach out to the statue of Sjur Eido to get her permission to the Wish-Ender. With our effective 24/7 services at GuardianBoost, we ensure to meet your needs and provide great boosting services through live communication activities. The bonus you earn with Wish-Ender goes by name Queen’s Wrath, which gives True sight, the power to see beyond the walls. Additionally, the Broadhead bonus allows the arrow to hurt adversaries on entries and exits. Through one single arrow, you can penetrate multiple targets. Wish-Ender also perks up against the Taken with incredible accuracy and added benefit. It is a lengthy and tedious campaign, but at the journey’s conclusion, everything is worth the hassle for a promising reward.   Wish Ender Wish Ender has some pretty interesting perks, most notably that you can see through walls when you draw an arrow and can penetrate multiple enemies. It can also be used to destroy Taken crystals. Destroying these will give you Reverie Dawn armor pieces.


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