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Destiny 2: Beyond Light finally dropped in full glory and, among other stuff, introduced a new campaign quest called New Light. And the first mission of the new campaign is called A Guardian Rises, which is where you will meet Shaw Han. This new mission is only for new players and is not offered immediately to players playing the game since its start or even to those that started midway. For a veteran Destiny 2 player to play the New Light quest, they must first find the Quest Archive, where you will find this new quest designed to onboard new players, which is located right beside the Postmaster on the left to Kiosk in the Tower.


As for people who do not know Shaw Han, he was first revealed by Bungie on the Oct. 10 edition of This Week at Bungie. As soon as the new character, known as Shaw Han, was revealed, many theories started going around the community that he could be a returning character hiding behind a mask. Bungie described Shaw Han in his official description as a man who will help you and your fireteam to investigate what the Hive is up to in Cosmodrome.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light also brought an alternative pursuit for acquiring the Exotic Shotgun, Chaperone. Shaw Han Bounties Boosting is the fastest way to complete this alternative pursuit and claiming the weapon as soon as possible. The new pursuit can be acquired via Shaw Han on the Cosmodrome or the Quest Archive Vendor in the Tower. Along with that, Shaw Han will bring many more new quests and bounties with him that will emerge as the new season progresses. You can use Shaw Han Bounties Boosting to complete these quests as soon as possible and claim these bounties without any effort.

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