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With the official release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light just a couple of weeks away, Bungie has dropped a new trailer letting more insight on the upcoming exotics in the further expansion. Salvations Grip is one of the many exotics revealed in the trailer. Salvations Grip is an exotic grenade launcher with a statis effect that will freeze nearby enemy targets. It is held by a side handle and can create giant pillars of ice similar to many statis abilities. In addition to freezing nearby targets, it can also be charged to increase the number of crystals formed and the duration that it will freeze the affected targets. In addition to that, charging this weapon also increased the freeze radius, which is quite useful when fighting a lot of enemies. Judging by its working Salvation Grip is a grenade launcher that seems like taking the design of Stasis and weaponizing it.

salvation grip boosting

Salvations Grip grenade launcher can prove to be an excellent weapon for dealing AOE damage which is a convenient ability to have. You can consider Guardian Boost for Salvations Grip Boosting as we offer professional, kind and capable boosters who can get you work done in less than 24 hours. Not only that here at Guardian Boost, but we are also available around the clock to answer your questions and quarries via Live Chat in case of any problem. Salvations Grip grenade launcher appears to work quite similar to Fusion Rifle. But its statis compatible abilities like freezing enemies and spreading ice crystals makes Salvations Grip Boosting a very sensible choice. Considering how these abilities have some significant potential when paired with some Stasis subclasses, which seem to offer bonuses for Shattering Stasis-effected enemies and Stasis crystals.

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