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The official release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light is just around the corner, and Bungie is shedding more and more spotlight on the upcoming exotics with each passing day. One of the many exotics revealed in the trailer includes the returning weapon No Time to Explain. Which, as many of you will already know, was included in Destiny’s Taken King expansion. That version had a very handy perk that returned all precision hits right back into the magazine. Now, Beyond Light is making it even better.

The improved version of No Time to Explain in Destiny 2: Beyond Light not only regains the ammo on precision hit or hits against Stasis-affected enemies but also stacks that ammo. Furthermore, when the stack is high enough, its effect summons a portal above the wielder’s shoulder that will fire bullets from an alternate dimension of the weapon.

no time to explain boosting

The weapon’s early preview showcases it to be one of the most dangerous weapons in the game. You can consider Guardian Boost for No Time to Explain Boosting because we not only offer the best-boosting services. On the Guardian Boost platform, we also ensure we understand the customer’s needs and provide quality 24/7 services directly through live chat interaction.

In addition, if the shots from the summoned portal deal damage equal to the weapon in question, then that dimensional portal could make the new No Time to Explain quite the desirable weapon. For instance, when it is combined with some Stasis-enhancing armor, or used with a squad mate who is using a new Stasis-powered grenade launcher, then in a firefight, you could deal a ridiculous amount of damage, making No Time to Explain Boosting all the more worthwhile. The portal basically allows you to shoot even when reloading.

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