Parasite Boosting

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, the next major expansion for Destiny 2 will be bringing with it a range of brand new exotic weapons and armour. As released on the 1st of February the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – Weapons and Gear Trailer showed to us the Parasite Exotic. It looks like it will either be a heavy grenade launcher or a special grenade launcher which seems to have a similar firing style/system to the exotic grenade launcher witherhoard but instead will be firing a hive worm which will explode upon impact causing a gas cloud to damage and slow enemies. With that in mind, the Parasite exotic could be an absolute MUST HAVE due to its capabilities of shooting a slowing gas cloud keeping hoards of enemies at bay when they’re trying to push you. If the damage output of each worm is similar to that of the witherhoard or can be paired with a teammate running witherhoard we may have a new weapon needed for Grandmaster nightfalls. The damage type may be similar to that of necrotic grips where it’s a form of corrosive poison damage due to it being a gas cloud. We currently only have stasis, void, solar and arc damage types so it will be interesting to see what damage type The Parasite will be if found in the heavy weapon slot. Bungie also describes the weapon as having stacking damage so it will be interesting to see if its abilities are similar to that of Rat king or if you can stack the damage yourself as a solo player. They also state that you will not require the Season pass for the Parasite exotic when it releases alongside the Witch Queen launch.

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