Nemesis Boosting

The Nemesis is a new exotic in the Division 2 that came with the Warlords of New York.

This weapon provides a few unique perks:

The first of these perks is called “Counter-Sniper.”  This perk allows the weapon to deal a damage value of 0-100% based upon how long the trigger is held before release.  The time for a shot to reach maximum damage is reduced with every shot that does not kill a given enemy, which can make this gun a DPS king.

The second of these perks is called “Nemesis.”  This perk will mark an enemy as your “Nemesis” for a period of 15 seconds when you aim at them.  This marker will stick around to allow you to see anywhere they have gone, even through walls.  Additionally, once an enemy is marked, for each second they remain marked, you will gain a 5% damage increase, for a maximum increase of 50%.

The final perk is called “Preparation.”  This perk will allow your other weapons to gain a 25% headshot bonus when you have the Nemesis holstered.

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