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With the release of the Warlords of New York, and TU 8, there have been quite a few overhauls to every gear set in the game.  This overhaul allows the gear sets to work in the new Gear 2.0 system.  What this means, is that backpacks and chest pieces in the gear set now allow talents that make the sets more powerful.  These sets have also been revamped to allow new bonuses which grant more impact than before. 


Here’s a brief outline of the set structure:


  • 2 pieces = Allows increased weapon handling perks
  • 3 pieces = Allows increased rate of fire perks
  • 4 pieces = Allows Striker’s Gamble, which will amplify total weapon damage of weapon hits

System Corruption

  • 2 pieces = Allows and armor percentage increase on a kill
  • 3 pieces = Will disrupt and allow pulse resistance
  • 4 pieces = Allows Hackstep Protocol, which replaces armor kits with an instant, infinite-use ability

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