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The Eagle Bearer is an exotic that can be obtained from the Operation Dark Hours raid.  It is seen as one of the most desired weapons in the game due to its unique perk set.

This weapons first perk is called “Eagle Strike” which will increase the weapons accuracy, up to 100%, while you are continuously firing.  Head shot kills with this weapon will grant up to a 100% reload speed increase, a 35% damage increase, and the tenacity is buffed for 10 seconds.  This weapon will also boost the tenacity at a rate of 1% for body shots and 5% for head shots. 

When this weapon buffs your tenacity, 20-80% of damage is delayed until the buff expires.

Additionally, this weapon has a perk called “Protected Fire” which will grant you 10% bonus armor while this weapon is holstered and you fire your other weapons.

As you can see, the Eagle Bearer can be quite beneficial to the end user; however, this weapon is not the easiest weapon to attain.  Here at, Guardian Boost, we will handle your account with care and get you the Eagle Bearer, GUARANTEED.  Feel safe, secure, and have all your Division 2 Boosting needs met with us today!

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