-You must be 1335+ Power Level
– Good weapons & gear


-Atheon Clear
-Chance at Vex Mythoclast
-Spoils spending (optional)

Master Atheon Checkpoint Completion

Vault Of Glass returns! This time with difficulty options! Bungie is looking to bolster the challenges raids have to offer and with Vault of Glass, they’re bringing a never seen before Master version. Its uncertain what this challenge mode will have to offer but Look no further as Guardian Boost has you covered! If you are a Destiny 1 fan and you used to play that game or even if you have only played Destiny 2 you must know of the Vault of Glass Raid. This was the first raid that was released in Destiny 1 and it paved the way and set the bar for raids in console games. In its release era, it was completely revolutionary, bringing 6 players together to take on a PVE challenge and get awesome new loot alongside it really broke the way games were developed for the better. Vault of Glass also is renowned for its amazing loot with some of the infamous weapons in Destiny history. Weapons such as Fatebringer, Found verdict, Vision of Confluence, Corrective measure, Praedyths Revenge, Hazens Vengeance. The famous legendary Exotic fusion rifle Vex Mythoclast also made its first appearance in the VOG raid. Upon release of the weapon, it was extremely powerful tearing apart anything it came across. There are leaks pointing towards return the weapon but this time fused with stasis darkness powers making it even more powerful. To get these weapons, and the beautiful armour, the game puts you up against the most challenging Vex enemies of the game and presents a plethora of mechanics one must know to complete each encounter. The team must be coordinated in their efforts as the game is revolutionised for Destiny 2 with the addition of champions making the experience entirely more difficult. July 6th Master version drops!


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