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As The Final Shape looms on the horizon, here’s an early look at every Exotic we know about thus far for the next major Destiny 2 expansion. From original Destiny classics making a grand return, to brand-new additions for your arsenal, here’s the full rundown.

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Although The Final Shape is gearing up to conclude Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness saga, that doesn’t mean the first chapter is ending on a whimper. Quite the opposite as devs have already detailed a number of explosive Exotics lined up for the next big release.

No different from usual at this point, a new expansion marks the debut of a range of flashy Exotic weapons and armor pieces all the same. But The Final Shape is also set to reintroduce a number of iconic Exotics from Destiny’s past as well.

So before we get the show on the road and take the fight to The Witness, brush up on the full list of confirmed Exotics for The Final Shape below.

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Exotic weapons confirmed for Destiny 2 The Final Shape

New Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Tessellation – Exotic Fusion Rifle Khavostov Exotic carries

The first Exotic confirmed for The Final Shape expansion is the Tessellation Fusion Rifle. As revealed on August 22 during the latest showcase, this is a completely unique weapon unlike anything else in Destiny 2 history.

Tessellation utilizes the subclass element you have equipped. Therefore, it’s the first weapon that allows for an all Strand or all Stasis build.

Furthermore, this Exotic comes with a nifty trick, allowing Guardians to consume their grenade in order to load up an explosive projectile that deals elemental explosion damage on impact.

Tessallation Exotic in Destiny 2BUNGIE

Khavostov Exotic carries and recoveries

Players can claim Tessellation for themselves by preordering The Final Shape & Annual Pass bundle.

Unnamed Auto Rifle Khavostov Exotic account carry

While not shown off during The Final Shape showcase, devs teased a new Exotic Auto Rifle on the way. One that lets you shoot at allies in order to heal them.

Unnamed Sidearm Khavostov Exotic account Recovery

Also teased early on was a mysterious Sidearm that seems to rely on Special Ammo in order to fire out small homing rockets.

Returning Exotic Khavostov Exotic account recovery weapons in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Dragon’s Breath – Exotic Rocket Launcher

In the very early days of Destiny 1, Dragon’s Breath made its presence known as a Solar-based Rocket Launcher. While it wasn’t quite as popular as the Gjallarhorn, this pick excelled at area-of-effect damage, leaving behind a ring of fire after its initial impact.

Dragon's Breath Exotic in Destiny 2BUNGIE

Khvostov 7G-0X – Exotic Auto Rifle Khavostov Exotic paid service

When Guardians were revived at the beginning of Destiny, the very first weapon we all picked up was a broken Khvostov. A few years later, devs made the fantasy a reality by releasing an Exotic version of this Auto Rifle in Rise of Iron. Now, this customizable Exotic is set to return in The Final Shape. The original featured 108 possible Perk combinations.

Khvostov Exotic in Destiny 2BUNGIE

Red Death – Exotic Pulse Rifle Khavostov Boosting

One of Destiny’s most highly-regarded Pulse Rifles is making a comeback in The Final Shape. This incredibly powerful Exotic heals its user upon claiming a kill, while also boosting reload speed for a short period. Not only was it top-tier in PVP for it’s health-regen, but so too in PVE for ad-clear duty in endgame activities.

Red Death Exotic in Destiny 2BUNGIE

So that’s all we know thus far about the full set of Exotics arriving in The Final Shape. As it’s still early days yet, we’re sure to hear plenty more in the coming weeks and months, especially in regard to new armor pieces.

Rest assured, we’ll keep this list updated with all the latest details as they emerge. In the meantime, be sure to brush up on everything there is to know about The Final Shape right here.

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