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Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen buried the third instalment’s idea in the series since it seems like Bungie has opted to introduce fresh new content into the current game rather than introducing a new game altogether. The 13th season of the ever-evolving game introduced dozens of weapons, multiple new characters, missions, and raids for players to conquer. Bottom Dollar is one of the weapons introduced in Season of the Chosen that stands out from the rest of the bunch. Bottom Dollar is a 120 RPM aggressive frame weapon that stands out from the bunch since it’s the only energy hand cannon available in the game right now since all other hand cannons are kinetic.


The Bottom Dollar Hand Cannon can only be found as a random loot drop while playing Gambit matches; whether you win or lose, it doesn’t matter. As the Beyond Light expansion merged both Gambit Prime and regular Gambit, the single method of obtaining the Bottom Dollar in Destiny 2 is by playing Gambit and hoping for the best. Since it’s a random drop, the number of games you have to play for it to drop is also completing random you might even have to go through the entire Infamy rank reset without getting a drop. Thankfully there are methods out there to increase the odds of its drop; for example, Gambit Prosperity mod on the masterwork Ghost can increase the odds of Bottom Dollar drop if you win Gambit.


Furthermore, this weapon is unique in its own way since, as the history of Destiny 2 suggests, almost all great weapons have been raid exclusives but not Bottom Dollar, though. The great perks such as Killing Wind, Dragonfly, and Fluted Barrel of Bottom Dollar will make it stand toe-to-toe with some Raid-exclusive gear pieces making it a highly sought-after weapon for casual crucible players.

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