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Your Altars of Reflection completion
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Witch Queen DLC
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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – How to complete the Altar of Reflection Recovery quest

Alter of Reflection guide in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (Image via Destiny 2)

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion was released with a ton of additional content along with new exotics, a campaign, as well as some additional missions and quests.

The campaign was highly anticipated by fans, and many feel that Bungie was able to deliver on all of the community’s expectations.

While most of the new Destiny 2 missions aren’t exactly too hard to complete, there is one that has been making players scratch their heads and try to figure out what they need to be doing next. The new rune puzzle, called the Alter of Reflection, requires four puzzles that need to be done for it to be completed.

Hence, completing the Alter of Reflection is a bit tricky, but today’s Destiny 2 guide will seek to make things a bit easier for those still struggling with it.

Alter of Reflection Carry guide in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Now to find the Alter of Reflection, players can follow the marker on the map to help give them a waypoint. The Miasma region can get a bit confusing, however, players need to look for a tunnel there that will boast an orange portal.

After jumping through it, they will have reached the correct location, which will start the Memories of Ruin and Memories of Loss missions. As soon as the quest starts, players will need to do the following:

1) Reach the Altar of Reflection Carries: Catalyst

To get to the Catalyst, players will need to avoid going into the portal where the Memories mission had taken them. Instead, they will need to use their tracker once again and scout the surrounding area.

After making it to the marker, they will find a Deepsight white orb nearby which they will need to activate. Upon doing so, markings will start to glow on the wall, and Guardians will be required to position themselves in a way that the markings make the Savathun logo.

This will open a portal and start the quest to begin the rune puzzle.

2) Getting to the Altar of Reflection Paid Services: Insight

After that, Destiny 2 players will need to make their way to the Altar of Reflection: Insight. They will just need to track the quest, and the marker will lead them somewhere above the Sepulcher Lost Sector, which is located in the Florescent Canal section of Savathun’s Throne World.

Near the marker, there will be another Deepsight white orb in the middle of the room, which Guardians will again need to activate after clearing out all the enemies in the room.

Here too, players will need to align all the glowing markings in a way that makes the Savathun logo.

3) Solving the Cursed Pool Altar of Reflection Boost and boosting

After entering any of the Alter of Reflection, players will need to solve two puzzles. The first of which is called “Cursed Pool,” and in this one, a few symbols will appear on the wall in the middle.

A green pool will appear around the pool after that, which too will have the same symbols which are there on the walls. Once the pool appears, players will be required to run into the pools and match the symbols there to that on the wall, in the same order as they appear and acquire Revelation stacks.

This will need to be done twice before they can proceed onto the next Destiny 2 puzzle.

4) Solving the Rune Patterns Altar of Reflection account carry

The next puzzle is called the “Rune Patterns,” which comes with two variants but isn’t too difficult to complete.

To solve this, players will need to shoot the tiles which are different than the rest. There are three tiles in total which do not match, and they can be on the wall or even on the drums. This, too, needs to be done twice for the quest to complete.

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