100 Yard Stare Boosting

1000 yard stare has returned! Bungie has announced the return of the infamous sniper rifle from Destiny one coming into Destiny 2. With the Witch Queen reveal Bungie also announced their plans for the season of the lost. During December they will be launching content for their 30th anniversary which will be bringing back weapons such as eyasluna, 1000 yard stare, and armor from previous Bungie games. There will also be a brand new dungeon which seems to have something to do with xur and the nine and the infamous loot cave from Destiny one. If you are unaware of what the loot cave is or was, it’s what Destiny one players used within the first couple of weeks to gain loot and legendary/exotic weapons. It was also a nice cave to get some XP within the first few days for levelling up. It was essentially a little cave on the Cosmodrome which had constant respawning enemies so players would stand around 30-50m away from the cave and just repeatedly shoot into it killing everything which spawned there. Gaining engrams and xp. They later fixed the exploit and added a little easter egg within the cave which you can still interact with to this day. The 1000 yard stare was added in the taken king DLC and became a huge fan favourite weapon for the crucible and trials playlists.

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