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Vault of Glass returns! Destiny’s first-ever raid returns and with it brings some of the best weapons the game has ever seen. Infamous weapons such as Fatebringer and Vex Mythoclast return to Destiny 2. The vault of glass has changed however, it isn’t just returning exactly as you remember it in destiny 1. This time it’s coming with different challenges and enemy types. Expect to find wyverns within your journey through the vault of glass. Bungie has also announced a new difficulty mode similar to that of previous hard mode and prestige mode challenges we have come to expect. This time however they will reward more than double loot and differently shaded armour but this time the Vault weapons will now have a new “adept” term known as “Timelost” these timelost weapon variants will be able to equip adept mods and also receive the adept stats boost upon being masterworked. Guardianboost is here to help you with all your vault of glass needs! Looking to get your maestro glasser triumph completed? Or maybe get your hands on the raid exotic Vex Mythoclast? Guardianboost is here to help! Guardianboost offers two types of services for Vault of Glass. We offer mainly a recovery service to which our pro players will sign-in on your account on your selected platform and character and perform the boost to which you have purchased for you. We also use VPN services to ensure safety so please be prepared to share your location directly to your booster (closest city/state) Guardianboost has a complete NO CHEATING policy for all accounts and boosters. All of our boosts are performed legit and without the use of any programs whatsoever. If you are not prepared to give up your account details or simply wish to play alongside our boosters that is also something we offer! All of our products have “play with” options which for an added fee you can play alongside our team of professional boosters and perhaps learn a thing or two about improving and still earning the loot your desire.

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