Master Templar Checkpoint Boosting

Requirements: 1335 Power or above

This is a checkpoint completion ONLY. Full clears can be found under “Master Vault of Glass” 
Includes Timelost weapon challenge!

  • This can be cleared once per character per weekly reset for rewards
    Also includes the Templar Weekly Challenge (if available)
    One pinnacle raid drop

    Weekly reward lockouts are shared between both Normal and Master difficulties of Vault of Glass. That means encounters, challenges, and hidden chests will only award gear the first time you complete them in either activity each week. They must be completed at Master difficulty first to earn Timelost weapons and stat-focused armor.

    You DO NOT NEED a CHECKPOINT to purchase this product. 

Destiny 2: How to Complete the ‘Out of Its Way’ Templar Raid Challenge in Vault of Glass

The third Raid challenge for the Vault of Glass has Destiny 2 players facing off the Templar boss in a one-phase fight to prevent it from teleporting.

vault of glass raid templar vex hydra boss fight challenge mode completed triumph
The third Vault of Glass Raid challenge has arrived in Destiny 2 for the Templar boss fight encounter. The “Out of Its Way” challenge tasks players with defeating the Templar without ever allowing it to teleport during the damage phase.

Destiny 2 players will soon be able to complete the Vault of Glass Raid challenges on Master difficulty to get the Fatebreaker Seal and title. There are only two more Raid challenges left before they start to cycle again, including the challenge against final boss Atheon.

Templar Boss Fight Encounter In Brief

To start the boss fight, one player will need to pick up the shield-like Relic object and will need to hold it for the entire fight. At the start of the encounter, the Templar will have an impenetrable shield that needs to be taken down and all players will need to get through a brief wave of Oracles to prevent themselves from getting ‘Marked for Negation.’ Any players that are marked when the Templar completes its Ritual of Negation will die instantly, but the mark can be removed by stepping into the pool of light in the middle of the arena.

Master Templar Checkpoint boost

After the Oracle wave, the Relic player needs to use the Relic’s Super ability to take down the Templar’s shield. The other five players need to get into a good position together and use every weapon and ability they can to destroy the Templar. Meanwhile, the Relic player needs to run around the arena and stand in red rings to block the Templar from teleporting to those rings and regenerating its shield. During the damage phase, the Templar will also detain players in a bubble that can only be destroyed from the outside.

How To Complete the “Out of Its Way” Challenge

This Raid challenge is by far the easiest so far as it requires players to use the optimum strategy to destroy the Templar in one damage phase. Completing it easily requires a good Relic player who can easily get around the arena to block the Templar’s teleportation attempts, and take massive damage from every other player.

Master Templar Checkpoint carry


Since this challenge must be completed in a single damage phase, all Destiny 2 players need to bring their most powerful weapons and abilities. For Super abilities, one or two Wells of Radiance are essential to keep the five damage Guardians alive as the Templar will be constantly bombarding them with attacks.

Master Templar Checkpoint recovery

A Ward of Dawn off to the side will also provide the best weapon damage buff to

vault of glass raid templar vex hydra boss exploding

The other players should all use any high damage Supers and their appropriate Exotic armor pieces. Chaos Reach with Geomag Stabilizers, Golden Gun with Celestial Nighthawk, and Thundercrash with Cuirass of the Falling Star will all be extremely useful for melting the Templar.

Master Templar Checkpoint carries

As for weapons, Rocket Launchers of any kind are good for taking chunks out of the Templar, although Destiny 2 players need to make sure they do not accidentally blow themselves up. The Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage is also a good choice for sustained damage. Lastly, Anarchy with one or two Slug Shotguns is another great combination, provided the Well of Radiance Warlocks are also using Lunafaction Boots.

Before starting this encounter, the fireteam needs to decide how they will tackle the Oracles and where they will set up for the damage phase. Ignoring the Oracles and intentionally getting marked is a much safer strategy as all players will be completely safe up until they need to get into position for the damage phase. For this method, all players need to hide by the pillar in the far-left corner of the central area of the arena where the cleansing pool is. From here, all players are safe from the Templar and only a few Vex Harpies can hit them. As for setting up for the damage phase, the raised ledge on the left pillar closest to the player spawn point for this encounter is a good place for everyone to get to.

vault of glass raid templar vex hydra boss fight relic shield item

Once in position, the designated Relic player can grab the Relic to start the encounter and summon the Templar. All players need to wait for the Oracles to appear and then destroy themselves to get marked. The “Marked for Negation” debuff will appear on the left of players’ screens, and once it appears, all players need to run into the cleansing pool and then jump up and to the right to get out of the central area.

Master Templar Checkpoint carries

Running close to the Templar will cause it to do a massive blast attack that will easily kill all nearby players.

vault of glass raid templar vex hydra boss fight damage phase

With the shield down, the Templar is vulnerable, and the five damage players need to hit the Templar with everything they have. All players, including the Relic player, need to be aware of the detain countdown on the left of their screens. Players that have this must get away from the group and call out when they are detained so that they can be shot out of the bubble.

Meanwhile, the Relic player needs to find and stand in the red rings that appear around the arena to prevent the Templar from teleporting. If the Templar does manage to teleport, a “challenge failed” message will appear, and the team will have to wipe and start over. If the Relic player manages to regenerate the Super again, they can contribute to the team’s damage by firing it at the Templar again between its teleport

vault of glass raid templar vex hydra boss fight teleport ring

Keep up the damage and ignore any more waves of Oracles, even if means getting marked by them. With enough damage, teams can easily destroy the Templar before they get killed by its Ritual of Negation, or even before they are marked by the Oracles again. With the Templar dead, Destiny 2 players will have two loot chests to open to get some pinnacle Vault of Glass armor and weapons.

vault of glass raid templar vex hydra boss fight challenge mode loot chests

From here, players need to head into the Gorgons’ maze and will then arrive at the throne room to face the Gatekeepers.

Master Templar Checkpoint paid service

Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season of the Splicer are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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