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With the official release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light just on the horizon, Bungie is letting more and more insight on the upcoming exotics in the new update. One of the many exotics revealed in the trailer includes the Lament. The Lament is an exotic sword that is designed for taking down enemy shields and Barrier Champions. It is a chainsaw-like sword that can be revved up by blocking enemy attacks, and then it can be used to shred through shielded enemies. Blocking enemy attacks seems to increase the damage of the Lament.

the lament carry

In addition to being able to shred through enemies, which is already a very convenient ability, the Lament also provides healing for the user when it is at its peak and is revved up enough. We can assume it means that you can rev The Lament up by blocking attacks until it is going as fast as possible and then use it to heal yourself while tearing apart the enemies.

As swords are very powerful in Destiny 2 right now, the Lament could end up being a potent weapon for endgame content. You could use Guardian Boost for Lament Boosting as we offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked for all of our boosting services. Here at Guardian Boost, we also prioritize your interests above everything else and are available 24/7 to answer your questions and quarries via Live Chat.

The Lament carry

With Lament, Bungie looks to add another exotic being able to counter enemy Barrier Champions in Destiny 2. A category that has been lacking since Shadowkeep expansion. Therefore, it is a great addition, especially for Grandmaster, where Barrier Champions are plentiful; it is a sword that will be reliable because of its damage and both healing and blocking capabilities. Making Lament Boosting all the useful because swords are used a lot.

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