Strange Favour Rank Boosting

Looking to increase your Strange favour rank? (Xur level) Tired of farming Dares of Eternity? Can’t find a team to efficiently farm legendary difficulty? Guardianboost is here! Skip the grind and order today! We have options on how many points you wish to purchase and we will have a booster farm for those points for you! The booster will keep all the loot obtained from the dares of eternity and also complete all lightning rounds which appear during their time spent farming. Don’t miss out on that Forerunner catalyst and obtain it at twice the speed with Guardianboost today!

Dares of Eternity is the newest 6 player event that came out for the launch of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary. It is unlike seasonal events. Instead, it deals with the Nine so it is Prophecy themed yet is played like Menagerie. There are lots of different rooms where the 6 of you need to work together to get the most points so that you may reach the boss faster. Dares of Eternity does have a streak system where you get more rep the more runs you do in a row, though it doesn’t have an onscreen counter like other activities. So a lot of this huge grind depends on if you’re grinding Dares straight, or if you’re bouncing around doing other things too. It will take you somewhere between 70 and 90 Dares of Eternity Runs to get to rank 16 and unlock everything within xur’s loot chamber which again, depends on your streaks. So your experience could be slower or faster! Experience the greatest hits of Destiny in the new Dares of Eternity activity. Players will unravel secrets and collect rewards that commemorate our long and storied history. Defeat bosses in this free 6-player matchmade activity to acquire Strange Coins, gear drops, and more.

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