Pyrogale Gauntlets Boost Warlock Build Guide

Pyrogale Gauntlets carry – Build your Warlock subclass around the Exotic Briarbinds arms in Destiny 2.

The Pyrogale Gauntlets Exotic gauntlets are one of the brand new Exotics that were added in Destiny 2: Season of the Witch. Mainly used by Warlock players, these gauntlets are proving to be rather useful. These gauntlets provide an enhancement to your Void Soul, which, when paired with the appropriate Aspects, Fragments, armor modifications, and weapons, may make them very powerful.

If you are searching for the optimal Warlock Briarbinds build, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find all of the information you want to make your Voidlock one of the most powerful classes in the game. This build has a strong emphasis on ability spam in order to create a steady stream of Void Souls while also making use of your powerful grenades to do damage to foes, generate a large number of orbs, and generate a steady stream of Devour.

We produced this build based on the observations provided by “gmeiners” and “Plunderthabooty,” who are both content makers for Destiny 2. Through Mobalytics, you can see the gmeiners loadout that served as an inspiration for us here, as well as Plunderthabooty’s loadout here. Because our approach prioritizes the regeneration of abilities and the production of orbs of power in order to encourage you to rack up as many kills as possible with the Briarbinds, it is important to keep in mind that this build is more suited to doing damage to enemies than it is to dealing damage to bosses.

Pyrogale Gauntlets Recovery

As a reward for participating in Season of the Witch, you may get the Briarbinds. This reward should be available to anybody who has a Season Pass and is prepared to spend a few hours grinding at the Vex Strike Force public event on Neomuna or by finishing Legend or Master Lost Sectors.


Pyrogale Gauntlets carries

Here’s a breakdown of the specs you need for this Briarbinds build.

  • Class: Voidwalker, which is a subclass of Warlock Void.
    Exceptional: Nova The Bomb: The Vortex: The majority of Warlock players believe that this Voidwalker Super ability is the most powerful of all of them, despite the fact that it does not naturally contribute anything to the build.
    Grenade: Select a grenade with a wide area of effect, such as a Scatter Grenade or a Vortex Grenade.
    Player’s decision in Melee; nevertheless, you may choose to use Pocket Singularity, which explodes near a target, knocks them back, and puts them into a Volatile state.
    When an adversary is Volatile, it suffers more damage and, after suffering sufficient damage, will ultimately blow up as a result.
    The jump is up to the player.
    Empowering Rift is your class ability since the combination of Devour and healing will turn you into a tank capable of taking on challenging foes.
Pyrogale Gauntlets account carry
    • Child of the Old Gods creates a Void Soul whenever the Rift ability is used. This Void Soul specifically targets foes and weakens them. When Empowering Rift is active, the health of targets who are being drained is restored; when Healing Rift is active, grenade and melee energy are restored instead. When a target that is being drained by Void Soul is defeated, the class ability’s energy pool is replenished.
      The Chaos Accelerant ability allows you to hold down the grenade key or button to supercharge your grenade, making it more lethal and effective.
      A Few Pieces:
      Echo of Starvation: When you pick up a Void Breach or Orb of Power, you will get the ability to Devour.
      Consuming an enemy’s health allows you to regenerate your own as well as increase your resistance to harm you cause.
      The Echo of Instability talent grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons if you land a final blow with a grenade.
      The damage done to foes by Volatile Rounds is increased.
      Echo of Undermining: Grenades made of void damage their targets.
      Echo of Harvest enables the creation of an Orb of Power and a Void Breach if a weaker opponent is defeated.
Pyrogale Gauntlets account Recovery

Pyrogale Gauntlets are a piece of rare armor that increase the amount of time that Void Souls are ready to be used by five seconds and allow the player to recover them by interacting with them to get Void Soul Ready for 25 seconds. Because of this, you are able to redeploy it while maintaining its kill bonuses, which range from 16.3% for the first kill to 100% for the fifth kill.
Alterations to the armor:
Siphoning the Void grants an orb of power if a rapid Void weapon kill occurs.
Orbs of Power may be obtained by landing the finishing blow with a grenade.
When you use a grenade to do damage, the Bolstering Detonation class ability will generate class ability energy.
Insulation: When you take up an Orb of Power, the duration of the class ability’s cooldown is reduced.
Innervation: Whenever you pick up an Orb of Power, the duration of the cooldown for grenades is reduced.
When employing your class ability as a Bomber, the cooldown on grenades will be reduced.
When you use the ability that comes with your class, Powerful Attraction will cause you to immediately collect any surrounding Orbs of Power.
Artifact grants access to:
Orbs of the Elements:Void: The last blow of a Void weapon has a chance to generate a Void Elemental Orb, which is a subclass of the Void class. You may pick up the Void Orb and toss it to produce an explosion that turns enemies it impacts into Volatile foes.
Weapon Choice For this build, it is recommended that you employ Void weapons in all three of your weapon slots. This is because the damage from your grenades will award you Volatile Rounds. Choose weapons that have the Demolitionist trait or the enhanced trait if you can since kills with these weapons yield grenade energy. For the regular trait, this energy is generated at a rate of 10% per kill, while it is generated at a rate of 20% per kill for sniper rifles, shotguns, glaives, and fusion rifles respectively. In addition, triggering your grenade will cause your weapon to be reloaded. The following are some potential Legendary Void weapons:
SMG with a Funnelweb
Auto rifle with a Gnawing Hunger barrel
Unforgiven Submachine Gun
Fusion rifle for glacial icefalls
Sidearm of the Seventh Seraph, the SI-2

Pyrogale Gauntlets paid service

The construction is difficult, but it proves to be quite effective when put into use. Because your grenades will weaken enemies and, as a result, produce more Orbs of Power, the ultimate goal is to continually generate Orbs of Power and Void Breaches for an ongoing cycle that grants Devour, replenishes your class ability to leverage the Briarbinds’ buff to the Void Soul, and grants grenade energy. All of these benefits come from the constant generation of Orbs of Power and Void Breaches.

However, the details are where you’ll find the devil. The combination of Child of the Old Gods and Briarbinds gives your Void Souls an instant boost to their potency. You will want to make sure that you are producing class ability energy so that you may cast your Rift as often as possible in order to get the most out of your Briarbinds. You will do this by using Bolstering Detonation and Insulation. Bolstering Detonation will lower the cooldown of your class abilities whenever you deal damage with a grenade, and Insulation will reduce the cooldown of your class abilities if you pick up Orbs of Power.

Orbs of Power are awarded to the player whenever a grenade is used to deal its ultimate blow, and the Void Siphon mod makes it such that quick Void weapon kills also provide Orbs of Power. This means that any kills made with a Void weapon or grenade fueled by the Chaos Accelerant will continually refill your class ability energy at a rate of 4% each Orb. Although it may seem like a little amount, the fact that you are creating Orbs of Power at such a high rate means that you will be able to recharge your class ability at an extraordinarily fast rate.


You will get grenade energy whenever you pick up Orbs of Power and use your class ability from Bomber and Void weapons that have the Demolitionist trait. Additionally, Innervation will offer you grenade energy whenever you pick up Orbs of Power. Because of the Echo of Undermining, the additional damage that your extra-powerful grenades inflict on foes causes them to take less damage overall. When you defeat weaker foes, you will get Orbs of Power and Void Breaches as a result of Echo of Harvest. Additionally, the Orbs of Power and Void Breaches you earn will give you Devour as a result of Echo of Starvation. If you have the Child of the Old Gods Aspect, then any foes that you reach with your Void Souls will also get weaker. This means that not only will they yield Orbs of Power and Void Breaches when they are destroyed, but they will also allow you access to new Void Breaches. Additionally, killing an enemy with a grenade will provide your Void weapons the ability to utilize Volatile Rounds, which will allow them to deliver greater damage and force their opponents to explode.

Your class ability’s cooldown will be reduced by an amount proportional to the number of Orbs of Power you have collected, allowing you to continue casting your rift frequently and making use of the Briarbands. The Powerful Attraction causes any surrounding Orbs of Power to be drawn to you whenever you cast your Rift, regardless of their location.

If you are consistently accumulating Void Breaches and Orbs of Power, you should also have a reasonably permanent Devour boost. On the other hand, if you’re having trouble keeping Devour up because you’re not producing enough Orbs of Power for a continuous cycle, you may perform a variation of this construct that includes the Feed the Void Aspect, which makes it such that killing Void abilities grants Devour. However, because of this, the damage done by your grenades will be reduced, and the rate at which your class abilities are generated will slow down, limiting the number of times you may deploy Rift.

In order to get the most out of your Briarbands and guarantee that your Void Souls continue to function properly, you need make sure to maintain them within close proximity at all times. Because of the loop, you will continuously be casting your Rift in order to create Void Souls, as well as producing Orbs of Power and Void Breaches for Devour, and utilizing your devastating grenades in order to make even more Orbs of Power in order to fuel your Rift. If you make effective use of this build, you should be able to confidently anticipate being the member of your fireteam who finishes the Nightfall with the most number of foes vanquished and the highest number of Orbs of Power created.

Even though this is an amazing build, we know that you won’t always be able to play with Void. Therefore, when you have experimented with this build, you will want to look at our guide to the ideal Warlock build for the Season of the Witch in Destiny 2. Pyrogale Gauntlets

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