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Almost all Competitive games out there utilize a ranking system to differentiate their player base according to their skill level. However, unlike others, Destiny 2 features three different ranking systems, each representing a different aspect of the game. The three ranking systems include Infamy, the Gambit progression ranking system, Glory, the Competitive progression ranking system, and Valor, the Crucible progression ranking system. Every item or title dropped is exclusive to that specific rank and will not be found elsewhere; for example, resetting your Infamy rank is the only way to obtain the Dredgen title in the game.


Infamy Rank in Destiny 2 increases with each Gambit game you play regardless of whether you win or lose, although winning does grant more Infamy. Infamy is much more difficult than Crucible, and it can take an eternity to level up since the numbers tied to each rank are much larger than what you will find in the Crucible. However, you can still increase your Infamy at a considerable rate by completing bounties and by participating in Double/Triple Infamy Weeks. You can also earn a streak bonus of upto +100 by winning multiple successive matches in a row, with five being the max.


Furthermore, after you manage to grind your way to 15,000 Infamy points, you are given an option to reset your rank in order to obtain certain curated Gambit weapons at the expense of starting over from to Guardian I. Trust Hand Cannon, Bad Omens Rocket Launcher, Furtive Ghost Shell and the Ludomaniacal Emblem are some of the exotics that you can achieve by grinding and resetting your Infamy Rank. The higher your reset rank is, the better unique rewards you will be given by the Drifter, in turn giving you a strong incentive to repeat this grind multiple times.

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