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The most recent This Week at Bungie article was jam-packed with details on the updates and new content coming to Destiny 2. It included a sizable preview for weapon making as well as ideas on how the new glaives and Osteo Striga exotic submachine rifle would be used in Destiny 2. All of this was interspersed with information on the future intentions for foundry weapons in Destiny 2 until Year 5. While focusing on foundries alone in Destiny 2 may seem like a big commitment, they may be crucial.

In Destiny 2, foundries are responsible for creating several exotic weaponry in addition to the standard common, uncommon, and legendary items of armor. With more than 100 exotic weapons to choose from in Destiny 2, many of the most famous ones, like Hard Light, SUROS Regime, and Gjallarhorn, may be linked to a specific factory. In particular, Gjallarhorn is from the Crux/Lomar foundry, which produced several rocket launchers for Guardians to use in Destiny and Destiny 2.

Destiny’s Dragons Breath Carry Exotic Rocket Launchers

The exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn and its two ornaments from Destiny 2.


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The Crux/Lomar foundry has produced a number of unusual rocket launchers, including the Gjallarhorn, which may be its most well-known weapon. The foundry produced the main three rocket launchers from the original Destiny game: Gjallarhorn, Truth, and Dragon’s Breath. These weapons are excellent in both PvP and PvE situations since each one brings unique specific characteristics to the battlefield. Prior to the release of The Witch Queen, Dragon’s Breath still hadn’t made a comeback in Destiny 2, despite both Gjallarhorn and Truth continuing to do so.

Hothead, one of the prizes for the weekly Nightfall and Grandmaster Nightfall strikes, has a similar look to Dragon’s Breath but lacks some of the essential components. In the original Destiny, Dragon’s Breath fired a rocket that, when it exploded, left behind a sun grenade. This was a factor in some of the cheese that the Guardians found for Atheon during the raid on the Vault of Glass. Over time, Dragon’s Breath’s exotic perk was modified to instead drop a napalm canister.


This seemingly little tweak allowed Dragon’s Breath to swiftly rise to the top of the list of PvE crowd control and area denial options. Dragon’s Breath developed into a beast as a result of burn damage from the napalm combined with burst damage from rocket launchers. Despite the fact that Truth was reintroduced in Season of Opulence and a reprise of Gjallarhorn was included in the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, this weapon is still missing from Destiny 2 despite how valuable it was.

It doesn’t appear like Dragon’s Breath would disrupt the current meta if it were to be returned, despite the fact that its exotic perk turns it into a potent rocket launcher. Dragon’s Breath doesn’t seem like a weapon that would offer as much of an issue, even if the sandbox and weapon balance in Destiny 2 may be sensitive, particularly with how often Telesto disrupts the game. To be implemented in Destiny 2, it would still require some balance adjustments, but employing a catalyst like Gjallarhorn seems like a sensible course of action.


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The path forward mentioned in the most recent This Week at Bungie highlights legendary weapon buffs in The Witch Queen alongside surprises related to weapon foundries in Year 5. Given the Suros, Omolon, and Hakke foundries are focused on within the TWAB, new or returning exotic weapons relating to these foundries could appear. It would make sense, but because these foundries should see new weapon additions throughout the upcoming seasons of Year 5, it could also mean other weapon foundries are highlighted in Destiny 2.

If the latter is the case, there’s a great opportunity to highlight classic exotics from the first Destiny. There’s already been speculation that weapons like Ice Breaker and Invective could return, but given the ammo economy they might not be realistic additions. Dragon’s Breath doesn’t pose as much of a problem, and is the last of the trinity of rocket launchers from the first Destiny game to be reprised. Its addition could also lead to some new builds and tactics being adopted.


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With the upcoming Void 3.0 rework in Destiny 2, the first Light subclass will see some major changes that stress character builds. Afterward, both the Solar and Arc subclasses should see changes, leading to all the Light subclasses having similar build profiles as the Stasis subclasses introduced with Beyond Light. This means players will see more builds in Destiny 2, and will hopefully see more synergy with the weapons and armor they choose.


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With the subclass 3.0 reworks focusing on build choice and diversity, reintroducing Dragon’s Breath would be a great way to boost Solar subclasses following its 3.0 rework. Dragon’s Breath’s solar damage could be vital to future skills in the Solar subclass rework, and its capabilities could offer sustainability when paired with the powers that Guardians have access to. This could reinforce its traits as a utility rocket launcher, helping to differentiate it more from the likes of Gjallarhorn and Truth. Even though this hypothetical future isn’t secure, seeing the focus on weapon foundries does keep a spark of hope alive for season passes following The Witch Queen expansion.


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