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With the official release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light just on the horizon, Bungie is dropping more and more information regarding the upcoming exotics with each passing day. The official trailer for Beyond Light provided the first look at the new exotics. Athrys’s Embrace is one of them that was revealed in the new trailer. The official description of Athrys’s Embrace states that Hunter’s weighted knife will gain a second ricochet, and quick precision hits will provide an extra damage bonus and will temporarily stagger enemies.

The promotional material for Beyond Light includes many knives, which shows the approach Bungie is taking with the game. And Athrys’s Embrace is a piece of exotic armor that will continue to play into that fantasy of Bungie. The second ricochet the armor proves can be a very nice feature as it would be very cool if you can get a kill after bouncing the knife from a wall.

Furthermore, the second ricochet will undoubtedly create some pretty good highlights in Destiny 2 because it is very tough to get a kill after bouncing it off a wall. That would make Athrys’s Embrace Boosting an excellent choice for flashy players. Speaking of boosting, we at Guardian Boost strive to offer the best services out there and provide 24/7 live chat communication so that you are never left in the dark during Athrys’s Embrace Boosting process.

The most crucial feature that Athrys’s Embrace provides is the extra damage because it significantly improves your impact in the game and gives birth to many other combos. Even though the amount of bonus damage is not specified, the boost could still form quite good combinations with auto rifles or rapid-fire scout rifles. Similarly, temporary stagger can also play an essential factor in PvP games.


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