Atheon Challenge mode - Heroic

The Atheon Challenge is one of the most difficult PvE Challenges in the world of Destiny 1. This challenge requires a very coordinated team effort as mechanics must be in play on every side of the room at any given time.

Our team has mastered this challenge and can complete it for you without any problems. We currently only offer account recovery service for this product (our professionals log onto your account). 

The Atheon Challenge awards the following:

  • The Vault of Glass Helmet,  Corrective Measure, Templar Shell, Timeglass Shader, Atheons Epilogue, Fatebringer, Praedyths Timepiece, Vision of Confluence ( along with an Adept primary with the challenge completion which is included in this service)
  • Age of Triumph Ornament
  • Glass Ceiling node in your Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Atheon Challenge emblem: “Glass and Time”

-350+ Light Level
-You do NOT need to have the Atheon Checkpoint

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