The Witness Boss Checkpoint Boosting

This product contains The Witness boss completions within the new Witch Queen raid, your selected amount of times for your chosen characters. This can be done via self-play (carry) or recovery where the booster will sign in on your account and complete it for you. This is a checkpoint service and all rewards are RNG and will not be dismantled. Place your order today for the best service possible!

The Witch Queen raid is here! The Witness is a boss found within the Witch Queen raid. The raid is found within Savathuns throne world in a broken down Pyramid ship owned by the Darkness. Found within is unknown until the raids release date! However, it is believed that the opening of the raid will include the Scorn and then move on to taken and scorn throughout the rest of the raid. The raid is rumoured to include 2 raid bosses and the final boss is called “The Witness.” The Witness is rumoured to be a Darkness entity. Unknown what role The Witness plays within the Darknesses ranks as not much is known about them but all will be revealed during the Witch Queen DLC raid launch. The leak further explains that after defeating Savathun in the Campaign, she tells you “The Witness is coming”. To which we then get a short reveal of The Witness where it states “I have seen enough, I am coming” which then activates the broken down pyramid ship and leads us into the raid itself.
There’s also potential for Bungie to save The Witness for future DLC such as Lightfall and the enemy we will come across in the Witch Queen will just simply be Envoy of The Witness.

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