Mothkeeper’s Wraps Boost Wraps: How to get it & Best Build

With the introduction of Season of the Witch, Hunters now have the opportunity to acquire one of the most distinctive pieces of Exotic armor that has ever been made available. These exotic weapons provide you with the ability to use the Lucent Moths in combat against your foes; yet, the question remains whether or not they are superior to the best Hunter exotics.

In this post, we will discuss how to get the Mothkeeper’s Wraps, as well as the functionality of the exotic item and the optimal build for using it.

Mothkeeper’s Wraps carry Wraps Exotic arms

There are presently two different paths available to pursue in order to acquire new Exotics. The first thing you should try is playing Legend or Master Lost Sectors. To have any chance of obtaining an exotic drop, you must first complete the mission with a platinum clear. Exotics are dropped at random.

The Vex Strike Force public event is the second approach that may be used. This technique was introduced with the release of Lightfall, and it is a haphazard occurrence that may take place inside the Vex Incursion Zone. Every time you complete the Vex Strike Force, you will get a guaranteed exotic item, and in most cases, there will be a large number of other people present as well, so you won’t have to cope with the event on your alone.

Vex Incursion Zone Active

Once you have obtained the Mothkeeper’s Wraps, you will see that they have a chance to drop from any engram drop. While this is something that naturally occurs as you play the game, you will notice that high-difficulty Nightfalls drop them fairly often.

Mothkeeper’s Wraps Recovery How to master it

Your grenade ability will be changed into a pair of luminescent moths when you equip the Mothkeeper’s Wraps, making it a rather straightforward exotic item to comprehend.

Armor Class Type Requires Exotic Perk
Mothkeeper’s Wraps artMothkeeper’s Wraps Hunter Arms Lightfall Preorder icon

Season 22
Exotic Perk: “Your grenade becomes a cage of loyal moths that release on impact and fly toward the nearest target or ally. If they reach a target, they detonate in a blinding explosion; if they reach an ally, the moths grant your ally a Void overshield.”


The cooldown for the grenade is currently set at 73 seconds, and its explosion will cause the release of two moths.
Moths that spawn closest to an adversary are colored arc and pursue enemies while bursting in a 4-meter radius, blinding adversaries. Moths that spawn farther away from an enemy are colored normal.
Moths that spawn closest to teammates are colored void, pursue comrades more quickly, and, upon contact, provide a 22.5-health void overshield to the allies they are chasing.

It is essential to keep in mind that the moths do not inflict persistent harm, which means that players cannot employ them to force foes out of a certain area. Because Hunter doesn’t have a lot of strong explosives that can be used against a single target, this might make using the Mothkeeper’s Wraps a bit of a challenge. On the other hand, the burst damage may be employed against foes that are Major or Boss.

Mothkeeper’s Wraps carries

Mothkeeper’s Wraps are notable since they are compatible with each and every subclass. Nevertheless, there is one particular subclass that stands out from the others.

Mothkeeper’s Wraps Hunter Exotic featured

Mothkeeper’s Wraps Hunter Exotic, Destiny 2

Mothkeeper’s Wraps account carry
    • Performs Exceptionally Well With: Content of Medium Difficulty

      You will need The Mothkeeper’s Wraps, Ex Diris, and the Widow’s Silk Aspect in order to complete Threadrunner’s mandatory gear requirements.

      Aspects: Widow’s Silk is required, and Ensnaring Slam is the strongest choice for the second Aspect; however, Whirling Maelstrom and Threaded Specter also work wonderfully and are also viable options.
      Thread of Generation, Thread of Mind, Thread of Warding, and Thread of Continuity are the four threads that make up this fragment.
      ability: There is no need for any particular ability.
      Resilience is an essential characteristic to have, and Discipline and Mobility are the other two qualities you should concentrate on developing.
      Arc Siphon and Ashes to Assets, as well as the Helmet
      Firepower, as well as a Grenade. Start the engine
      Damage to the Chest Resistance alterations
      Innervation, Recuperation, and Arc Weapon are all associated with the Legs. Surge
      Bomber x2 and Powerful Attraction are this week’s Bond games.

Mothkeeper’s Wraps account Recovery
Mothkeeper’s Wraps paid service

Ex Diris should be used to rack up several kills right from the start. This will cause orbs and a large number of moths to spawn on the playing area. You may make liberal use of your grenade moths since you have three charges, and you can gain them back via either the Thread of Generation ability or the Bomber or Innervation ability. Continue your rampage of slaughter with the added damage from the Arc Weapon Surge and the support of your army of devoted moths.

It is important that you pitch your Lucent Moths in a strategic manner. In the event that you find yourself in need of an Overshield, you may toss it nearby in the hopes that one of the moths would assist you. You also have the option of using your dodge to grab all of the orbs that are around in order to increase both your health and your grenade energy.

This build is particularly suitable for use in a group setting since the moths may assist your Fireteam members by providing them with an overshield. Alternatively, you can swiftly discharge all three moth grenade charges to burst down a tanky foe, causing a significant amount of damage.

This build offers a wide range of play styles and is a lot of fun to use in material with a medium level of challenge. It is all about generating monsters, getting them to do what you want, and embarking on a gigantic killing spree with a Grenade Launcher that automatically reloads its ammunition.

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