The second Raid challenge has arrived for the reprised version of the Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny 2. The challenge, which is called “The Only Oracle for You”, tasks players with completing the Oracles encounter in the Raid with each player never destroying the same Oracle more than once.The reprisal of the Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny 2 boost also brought back the fan-favorite Exotic Fusion Rifle Vex Mythoclast. More Raid challenges will be coming for the rest of the encounters in the Vault of Glass over the coming weeks, so players should try and gather a fireteam every week to attempt the challenges for more loot.


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Having just completed the Confluxes encounter, players will now be able to start the Oracles encounter by shooting a floating Vex cube in the middle area of the arena. In this encounter, Destiny 2 players will face five waves of increasing amounts of Oracles. During each wave, the Oracles must be destroyed in the order that they appeared.

Players need to divide themselves across the arena so that they can watch a particular area and spot any Oracles that spawn there. From where the Rally Banner can be placed, three Oracles can spawn on the left and right sides and once can spawn in the middle. On the first wave, only three Oracles will spawn. Players need to call out their Oracle’s position in the order and then destroy each one in the correct order when possible.

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The Oracles can be quite a confusing encounter as everyone calls out lots of numbers, and this Raid challenge makes things a little more complicated. To complete this challenge, Destiny 2 players cannot defeat the same Oracle more than once during the entire encounter. Clear communication and having everyone knowing what they are doing are imperative to doing this challenge in only a few attempts. If someone destroys the same Oracle more than once, a red “challenge failed” message will appear in the feed and players will need to wipe and start over.

This encounter is mostly just a puzzle with a few Vex enemies scattered around. As such, there are no must-have Subclasses; however, the Warlock and Hunter Stasis Subclasses can be useful for their crowd-control abilities to keep the Vex under control.

As for weapons, the Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage is extremely useful as it can destroy any Oracle in one shot. Pair it with Machine Gun Ammo Finder and Scavenger Armor Mods to ensure ammo is never scarce, and it can also be useful for defeating the Praetorian Minotaurs. Otherwise, any high-damage weapons, such as Shotguns and Sniper Rifles, are a good alternative.

There is no one master strategy for this challenge, so fireteams can agree on their own methods, but there are a few rules that need to be followed. To ensure that one person does not shoot the same Vex Oracle twice, all players need to rotate one position in the same direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) so that they can watch out for a different Oracle. Even if a player ends up not having to shoot an Oracle, they must still rotate.

Furthermore, since there are seven possible Oracle positions and only six players in a fireteam, there will be one position that has to watch two Oracles. There are two good spots where two Oracles are clearly visible. By standing near the left pillar in the starting area, players can easily spot the middle and front-left Oracles.

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An example run of this encounter and the challenge might go like this: The team agrees to rotate clockwise and that the double-Oracle position will be the middle, so the player there must watch the middle and front-left Oracles. If a player starts in this position, they will watch for these two Oracles in the first wave and will then rotate to the middle-left Oracle for wave two. For wave three, the player will need to watch the back-left Oracle, the back-right Oracle for wave four, and finally the middle-right Oracle for wave five.

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If a player shoots an Oracle in the incorrect order, all players will become marked and will need to jump into the cleansing pool in front of the Templar at the same time before the Ritual of Negation kills the fireteam.

Once all five waves of Oracles have been cleared, a loot chest will spawn in the pit just in front of the Templar boss, and Destiny 2 players can pick up some pinnacle Vault of Glass armor and weapons. If they have completed the Oracles challenge, an extra chest offering more pinnacle loot will spawn as well.

Bungie has already said that Vault of Glass will eventually be getting its own Master difficulty mode which will offer Timelost variants of the Raid’s weapons. Completing each of these Raid challenges on this harder difficulty is also necessary to unlock the Fatebreaker Seal.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season of the Splicer are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.