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For players to get the Uncovered Truths Triumph in Destiny 2, they must locate all of the hidden chests in Savathun’s Spire during the Season of the Witch event.


Savathun’s Spire is a brand-new activity that was included with the release of Season of the Witch, and it is stuffed to the brim with mysteries for players to solve. Each week, players will have the opportunity to uncover hidden boxes in order to gain extra gifts, and it will be necessary to locate all of these chests in order to complete the Uncovered Truths Triumph.

Savathun’s Spire carry secret chests – Uncovered Truths

In order to get the Haruspex Title and progress through the Season of the Witch Triumphs, players will need to achieve the Triumph known as “Uncovered Truths.” As a result of this, every week, players will uncover chests inside the Savathun’s Spire activity. Visit our site once a week to stay up to date on our progress as we detail the location of each chest. Additionally, there are four categorized Triumphs associated with the Uncovered Truths triumph, any of which might be chests.

Savathun’s Spire Recovery

A symbol for the Secrets of the Spire 1 chest
The rune that’s circled is above the door that unlocks, revealing the cest.

The first chest in Savathun’s Spire is unlocked after the first fight and can be found in the jumping puzzle. In order to get the box, you will need to leap on statues of Hive that are carrying dishes. Shoot the Hive runes using an elemental weapon that has a color that corresponds to one of the runes in order to open the chest.

Two Hive symbols circled for the secret chest
The first rune you’ll spot is on the right of the image.

The first rune, which is located just before the dishes, must be a Void rune. Above the door that has the Hive barrier is where you’ll find the second rune, which is likewise Void. The last rune is a Solar one, and it can be found below the platform directly across from the door that is locked.

Savathun’s Spire carries
The four Hive symbols under the dishes for Secrets of the Spire 2 chest
Shoot the four Hive runes hanging from the platforms. The chest spawns where I’m standing in the picture.

The second chest is unlocked after the second encounter, and it can be found by completing the leaping puzzle that is located at the conclusion of the Hive entryway challenge. In order to get to the boss area, you will have to leap over four platforms, however hanging from the platforms will be four emblems of the Hive. As in the last iteration, you should fire them with an elemental type that corresponds to them; there should be two Solar and two Void. The chest appears immediately after they do so.

Savathun’s Spire account carry
Three lanterns swing from the ceiling over a gap, an arrow points off the right of the screen

The location of secret box 3 may be found in the chamber with the three hanging lanterns. Turn to your right to find a door; doing so will save you from having to leap over the gap. As soon as you go inside the corridor, the treasure will appear, but so will an unkillable Hive Knight. After a few seconds, the barricade blocking the escape will be lifted, thus your only goal should be to live till then.

Savathun’s Spire account Recovery


Savathun’s Spire paid service

Within the section titled “Traverse the Labyrinth,” the fourth hidden treasure may be found at the area with all of the towering buildings that need you to climb utilizing lifts. If you want to discover a Deepsight node, you should not leap across the very first gap; rather, you should descend to a lower ledge that is located on the right. By activating it, you will uncover platforms that will bring you around the corner to a chest.



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