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A new season of Trials of Osiris begins! The new season brings with it a multitude of new rewards! With new weapons such as Igneous Hammer which is an infamous 120 Handcannon and the returning Messenger Pulse rifle! There’s also a new sword coming named Sola’s Scar, this comes with some controversy as players are complaining about sword peeking being an available strategy that players can abuse through their attempts at going flawless. Slowing down gameplay and providing information they otherwise may not have known. The final new weapon is a brand new SMG called Shayura’s Wrath which has an incredible range stat. A surprising new reward Bungie added to the Trials of Osiris was the addition of a brand new Trials Ship, Trials Sparrow, and Trials Ghost Shell. The ship and sparrow are rewards from the golden flawless lighthouse chest and the Trials ghost is actually a chance to drop at the end of every Trials match that gets completed. All of these cosmetic rewards are extremely rare with low drop rates of around 1% to 3% per chest. The ship’s name is Winds of Change. The sparrow’s name is Paradigm Shift and finally, the ghost shells name is In Memoriam. It is never easy going flawless. Especially when you have to play against human opponents. The human opponents are clever, program less, and full of ambition. Beating the tricks of a computer may be easier if the programming is set at an easy level. But when confronting a human opponent, the gears and technique should be the finest. Well, that puts the entire season in jeopardy when you are out of gear and techniques. Every match in Trials of Osiris comprises of two teams with 3 players each. And of course, every team should have the requisite skills to compete with the other one. Further, the Trials of Osiris – Flawless take place every weekend between Friday and Tuesday.

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