Crown of sorrow boosting :

Crown of Sorrow Boosting

The Crown Of Sorrow Boosting is the final attack published in the annual pass Destiny 2 and included in the Opulence season. This is a highly difficult raid that sees players deep into the Leviathan once again.

We brought together the full success of the Crown of Sorrow boosting raid to assist you claim the ultimate win.

objectives. The crown of sorrow isamong the levels found in Destiny 2, created during the expansion of the penumbra.

Generally, raiding is the theme on this level that takes place on the Leviathan located in Nessus Orbit. The raid is composed of guardians battling through the hive hordes. A victory ensures the guardians’ progression through the Leviathan. The level updated in the game on June 4th, 2019.

Emperor Calus, as a hive commander, assigns the guardians objectives to clear off his ship, due to the hive infestation. The goal is for the guardians to enter the contest and challenge to assassinate Gahlran, the sorrow-bearer.

Calus Hive Commander

Calus hive commander was the former Emperor of the Cabal Empire after being overthrown and exiled by Dominus Ghaul during the red war. The red war occurred during the invasion of the solar system. Calus led a revolution to overthrow Pretorate, which was a military aristocracy, to become Emperor. He quotes, “For centuries, I led the revels of my empire, and the stars themselves burnt sweet and clear. But in time, the jealous and the tight-fisted rose and sent me into exile.” However, Shayotet, who was his protector and long-time ally, intercepted numerous attempts on Calus’s life.

Ghaul launches a coup in the middle of the night to overthrow the Emperor and his legion. The Emperor was arrested and exiled to the Leviathan. However, the Leviathan gave Emperor Claus an insight that he was going to regain his thrown. With the control of the Leviathan, Calus sets on for a raid to gain psionic powers from the Royal wine. Royal wine is created by mixing flowers from the pleasure garden with soil from consumed planets. Other abilities are; open mindscape, psionic projection, teleportation, etc. His primary weapons are the vengeance canon and the Emperor’s gaze.

Calus actualizes himself as a loyalist. However, his traits include;

  • Narcissism-Calus depicts himself as godlike by establishing power and rank his status.
  • Hedonist-Due to his affection for extravagant displays, pleasures, and his love for Opulence.

Jumping Puzzle

Crown of Sorrow Boosting

First objective of Crown of Sorrow Boosting is the Jumping puzzles are achievements earned by completing puzzles designed for the open world. The elements provided on the platform requires a player to figure the correct route to complete the problem. Splendid chest, grand chest, and magnificent chest are the rewards awarded after correctly solving the puzzle. The rewards reset daily per the character. Achievements awarded after completing the jumping puzzle.

To solve the jumping puzzle, move the marble forward by one hole or move a marble over another to jump ahead two holes—the jumping puzzle comprised of various versions with different numbers of marbles. Therefore, the mystery should be solved, focusing on marble colors.

The jumping puzzle poses environmental challenges to test the players’ aerial and exploration abilities by awarding rewards. The commonly used themes for the puzzle based on the matching of the ecological zones, false endings, hidden chests, and veteran enemies are securing the end chest.

Here is a list of the jumping puzzles in Crown of Sorrow Boosting.

  • Crimson plateau- Found in Diessa plateau. The nearest waypoint is the Redreave Mill waypoint.
  • Wall breach blitz-Located southeast of Breached wall waypoint. It ends with a challenging hero; however, there is no chest.
  • Loreclaw expanse-Located under the water east waypoint or southeast, up the cliff.



Crown of Sorrow Boosting

In the Crown of Sorrow Boosting, Gahlran deception is shadow copies used by the sorrow bearer to attack the fire team. His trick clears enemy fights that have a significant half hive enemy appearance. He is surrounded by a protective shield that can only be broken at a point-blank range and yields two large blades. Gahlran grunts in a loud voice once he faces the guardians.

The close-quarter fight with the boss is challenging, and you need to prepare your fireteam to avoid defeat. Gahlran creates deceptions in a clockwise motion. Therefore, players should kill the hives quickly before they spawn and cast the annihilation hive ritual. Both non-blessed and blessed players must stun in front of Gahlran’s deception to reveal his true identity.

The player is first blessed on the right side and should pick up the weapon as other members engage in killing the spawns. Blessed enemies such as ogres appear on the third wave. After defeating the wave, the blessed player should move to the right to give other players of receiving the blessing. A charged-up fire team will easily break the shield protecting Gahlran by repeatedly breaking the deceptive walls. By the destruction of the wall, the deception attempts to perform the annihilation ritual; therefore, to destroy it, two players (blessed and non-blessed) have to melee the deception simultaneously. Denying the ritual annihilation breaks down the shield and stuns the deception. Strictly the blessed and non-blessed player should attack the deception to prevent those trapped on the bubble from losing their blessing.

Gahlrans Fight

Gahlrans fight is the most complicated challenge in the Crown of Sorrow Boosting. If you have the idea or mastered the steps, you might have a chance to challenge the final boss.

To begin challenging Gahlran, first place your fireteam in an advantaged position providing an upper hand for a successful win. Divide the raid strategy between the two squads, each having three players. From each team, one player should retract to their same position from the Gahlrans deception while the other players join around the rally flag. When every player is at their position, commence the fight.

When engaging Gahlran, he produces multiple copies of himself as a distraction. The witch’s vessels spawn, creating a pool of witch’s blessing beneath the rally flag. Thus, when one of the players receives the witch’s consent, other players should join hands to weaken the deception.

Each player should destroy the hives, crystals, and swapping buffs all three waves; since they all have identical experiences. Therefore the players should keep track of the witch’s vessels and challenge them on the right side to avoid overlapping since re-spawns after use. Similar to the first and second encounters, the bubbles protect you for a while from critical damage. Therefore when the shielded crystal spawns, the players should execute fatal blows and destroy the crystal. 

To kill Gahlran, players should target damaging his hands and later the head. When Gahlran his hands to the side, it’s an excellent opportunity for the team players to attack him, impairing more considerable damage to his health simultaneously. He immunes his head to re-boost his health, therefore during the two damage phases-attack his hands until he finally breaks the challenge. When Gahlran dies, he disintegrates, and the giant helmet falls on the platform and may smash any player on the stairs. There is always a reward after a victory; therefore, the chest contains loot for the players. After the success, players return to the tower for appraisals from Emperor Calus.

Crown of Sorrow Rewards

  • Gahlran’s Right Hand- Is a primary legendary auto rifle weapon, manufactured by the loyalists with a magazine containing 32 rounds. It has a fire rate of 360 RPM and produces kinetic damage to the enemies.
  • Calusea Noblesse-Is, a scout rifle weapon, manufactured by the loyalist. The magazine contains 14 rounds with a 150 RPM rate of fire. It forms a void that damages opponents.
  • Emperor’s Courtesy-Is a special shotgun weapon with critical damage at close range. It produces an arc to damage opponents, with an 80 RPM rate of fire.
  • Tarrabah -An exotic submachine gun weapon with enormous damage and multiple rounds of up to 31 rounds. The ammunition is in the primary category. It produces solar to cast damage to the enemies
  • Ban of Sorrow -Is a heavy legendary submachine rifle. Loyalists manufactured it. Has a magazine of 48 rounds with a 360RPM rate of fire. Produces void damage opponents


By the introduction of benedict 99-40 as a vendor, players have extra options in acquiring loot with powerful gear. Some players might find themselves locked out of the game because they do not follow essential instructions or are not completing objectives from the start of the season’s Opulence.

To unlock the crown of sorrow in destiny 2, the player must complete the whole questline from the imperial summon and the invitations. It is a long-form quest comprised of challenging enemies on Nessus and their participation in Menagerie. If the player does not complete this quest, he or she will not be able to play the crown of sorrow raid.

Beginners are awarded an imperial summons during their first login after the season of Opulence begins. The quest directs you to the tower to talk with Benedict 99-40. Follow the quests guideline step by step until the end, and the player gets awarded loot from the chest on the imperial barge in Nessus. Once the invitation has completed, the crown of sorrow raid located at the Leviathan mode on Nessus.

Time Required

According to twitch, the breaking record in completing the Crown of Sorrow Boosting has set at four hours and forty minutes, approximately five hours. Defeating the challenging boss takes three hours. Some of the bold raid winners of the crown of sorrow include; Carolina, Punz, Akada, BigBadDave7, and many other upcoming players who are trying to beat their record.

This was a significant update of the game since it was the first world raid in Destiny 2 to follow the new challenge rules from Bungie. Players spent three hours preparing for the latest assault; however, the crown of sorrow was released six hours after the beginning of the Opulence season. Players’ power levels capped, and all players were regarded beginners, thus making the raid difficult. This leveled the playing field for players who couldn’t grind all day and wanted to join the world raid. The invasion emphasized on the strategies and ways to execute a successful raid flawlessly.


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CROWN OF SORROW RAID REWARDS All rewards are completely random (RNG) and not guaranteed. Tarrabah Tarrabah - Submachine Gun Gahlran's Right Hand Gahlran's Right Hand Calusea Noblesse Calusea Noblesse Scout Rifle Emperor's Courtesy Emperor's Courtesy Shotgun Bane of Sorrow Bane of Sorrow Machine Gun hunter helmet arms chest legs cloak titan helmet arms chest legs class item  helmet arms chest legs warlock class item On top of this, you will unlock the Triumph "In the Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow" and obtain the Crown of Sorrow raid emblem.

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