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The Revoker is a Destiny rifle with an authentic style. Its soft edges and basic shading plan unquestionably assist it with sticking out. Revoker is the pinnacle crucible weapon that was presented during the Season of Opulence for Destiny 2. It is a helpful Legendary Sniper Rifle with an extraordinary perk considered Reversal of Fortune that gives you a slug back in the mag if you miss a shot. It sounds excellent, and this will be too important in PVP whether you like to play easygoing Quickplay or Competitive Survival or the forthcoming Trials of Osiris.

The Revoker’s remarkable perk is classified “Reversal of Fortune,” which restores around to the magazine after a missed shot. This weapon additionally has an uncommon Ambush SLH25 scope and the Snapshot perk, permitting you to take on adversaries at short proximity effectively. Contingent upon how hard this sniper rifle hits, the Revoker could have become a top-level auxiliary weapon without much of a stretch. A weapon that effectively doesn’t rebuff the player for making missed shots will be powerful.

To unlock the Revoker, you should finish a different mission given by Shaxx brought In Your Sights. There are three stages to this journey, and its majority can be finished in Quickplay if you don’t want to pound Competitive matches.

What will you get here with Revoker?

  • 10 Level Masterwork Revoker Pinnacle Crucible Sniper Rifle 
  • 3500 Glory accomplished altogether 
  • A ton of Crucible Gear and Weapons that may drop during the mission
  • Vast amounts of Crucible Tokens for additional plunder from Lord Shaxx


The primary perk on this weapon is called Reversal of Fortune. On the off chance that you miss a shot, at that point, it will include another slug back in the chamber a couple of moments after. This one additionally comes completely master worked and accompanies preview sights. It’s one of the slower snipers at 72 rpm, and there’s 3 in the magazine.

Other than Reversal of Fortune perk, the range and the effect details on this weapon are what separates it from the rest. It has 90 effects and 80 territories on its base details, which is going to make this exceptionally helpful. Couple that with Reversal of Fortune, which permits you to miss a shot and get the slug reloaded into the mag, this weapon will be necessary for PVP and make your lives a lot simpler. It is appeared in the current meta for dangerous PVP with Revoker being the most utilized weapon with 4.61% use, 5.14% of all executes in earnest, and a headshot proportion of 9.67%. Taking a gander at these details, a ton of Guardians will be utilizing this in the forthcoming Trials of Osiris, so get granulating on that In Your Sights mission.

How to get Revoker in Destiny 2?


Step one is to get the 300 sniper kills you can get these in quickplay. If you do this in Competitive (for example Endurance) or Iron Banner, then one slaughter will mean two focuses, though, in Quickplay 1, murder will mean one point.

3500 Glory focuses are intriguing. It implies you need to get 3500 focuses. Not at all like Glory rankings, where when you lose your rank goes down, here you won’t lose progress. So as long as your pick up Glory focuses on serious pot coordinates, this will go up.

The way into this is finding a sniper you appreciate utilizing. Something with Snapshot Sights or Quickdraw will be acceptable. There’s a lot of choices here, including Beloved, Supremacy, Twilight Oath, or Apostate. Discover a sniper you’re OK with and hang out in crucible for a brief period.

What can Revoker do?

In PvP, Revoker is a danger and sharp weapon in possession of a decent pointing Guardian. This sort of sniper rifle will kill anything with a solitary exactness shot (even a super). However, unlike some other sniper rifles, it can create ammunition for missed shots (with a brief pause, yet that is fine). This perk is amazingly convenient in the Crucible, where you’re in every case low on extraordinary ammunition. Revoker feels simple to use because of its high taking care of and a low-zoom scope, so this is an extraordinary weapon for any Guardian.

In PvE, this is a moderate shooting yet a very decent weapon as far as DPS. Forceful sniper rifles can one-fired some fat targets, which might be essential in certain circumstances + you’re ready to bargain harm from significant distances. Once in a while, significant distance is the best way to make due in the battle, you know. Revoker is an extraordinary sniper and must need of any fireteam.

Revoker is a big decision for PvP because of its pointing and ammunition topping off perks. It shows excellent outcomes in PvE also, so you indeed can’t turn out badly, popping it into your kinetic slot.

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Season of Opulence Competitive Pinnacle Weapon.


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